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The Differences Between Two Main Screen

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The mongoose pt screen is also named as the oil drilling vibration sieve or the mud screen. The mongoose pt screen is mainly composed of the original network, the bottom net and screen frame the 3 part of the bonding process is made, the top layer of steel net mesh is highest, determines the precision of the purification of screen of drilling fluid, a supporting role the coarse mesh network on the upper play.

On the other hand, king cobra screen is used for bonding wire cloth and plays a role of supporting the, usually made of 2mm steel plate and a plurality of regular hexagons. The king cobra screen of sand blasting process can increase the screen frame of roughness and surface cleanliness, improve adhesive adhesion. Using compressed air as a driving force, the quartz sand jet to screen frame of the screen surface, oxidation of grid surface layer is removed, the surface improved mechanical properties. In order to increase the utilization rate of recovery of quartz sand, to choose quartz sand of 3 ~ 4mm, because of the large particles, when pressed into dry sand blasting machine, the lower the flow control valve to leak, so the design of the flow control valve is new, processed no plugging condition, ensure the screen making work smoothly.

Comparing king cobra screen VS mongoose pt screen, mongoose pt screen advantages are obviously shown, especially on the screen bonding process. The mongoose pt screen is long-term immersion in drilling fluids, poor working conditions, so the high performance epoxy adhesive (EF - 41A) and curing agent. The main agent and auxiliary agent has the following advantages: capable of producing sufficient adhesion to the metal surface, peel strength after curing reached 6kN / m at room temperature, shear strength up to 24MPa at room temperature; water, oil resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance; curing anti impact, vibration resistance, high wear resistance, meet the conditions of work and the screen mesh bonding requirements of long-term. Adhesive preparation: according to the EF 41A high performance epoxy adhesive preparation requirements, blending ratio of A: B=2:1(volume ratio), plus 25% ~ 40% of the reinforcing agent. The content of curing agent to the right should be based on the operating temperature of the environment and screen specifications may require. Adhesive coating: automatic mixed coating glue mixing device and coated tools will be prepared in the screen frame surface. The thickness of the coating adhesive should be based on the original network and the bottom screen cloth wire diameter to determine. In general, the thickness of adhesive layer reached 1 ~ 1.5mm to obtain uniform adhesive and good bonding effect. What’s more, the cost and life of mongoose pt screen are also better than king cobra screen, and it is going to replace king cobra screen sooner or later.

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