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The Development of the PU Screen in Domestic

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China is a large country with great mineral resources. However, the ore dressing industries in our country are relatively lag behind. The PU screen has the advantages of light weight, high screening efficiency, wear off resistant, impact resistant, long service life, low noise as well as easy installation, thus it has been widely applied on the screening machines.

The thick of the mines is very important. For materials that have 200 to 300 mm diameter, it is generally use rail welding screen in domestic. However, because of its heavy weight, it is easy to cause the gieder of the vibrating machine crack increasing the maintenance difficulty, easy to blockage with large noise and low efficiency. Using PU heavy screen is easy to occur layer phenomenon because of high screen efficiency. A layer of the screen functions as two layer nets. As for screen such as mongoose pt screen and king cobra screen whose diameter is 100mm x100mm, the layer phenomenon is easy to come out when the material is placed into the screen. And the materials whose diameters are between 0~100mm, they will slip down along the groove profile. And the diameter above 100 mm will be set up by the tendons on the two sides to return to crush cycledly to make sure the large ore will not do harm to or wear the screen. And the materials on the screen have the effect of high screen efficiency, low noise, low production cost as well as low machine load.

The diameter of fine screen is 0.1 mm. it is the thinnest screen in the world. And it is able to promote metal recovery rate, saving large amount of resources and protecting the environment. The fine screen address the problem of the lack of mineral processing technology in domestic and solve the problem of screen blockage, min leakage, short service life as well as frequent change, severely influence the normal production and operation of the granularity to reduce the maintenance load and solve the problems of high operating cost, part of the ore grind severely and argilization, increasing the current drain of the grind mineral and influence the flotation effect, comprehensive recovery.

At present, the screen produced in domestic small businesses has low technical content, especially cannot make breakthrough on the materials. The production system part of our domestic businesses use is pouring PU elastomer. This system has a lot of problems. First, in the field of production, it is forbidden to carry out continuous work for 6 months. Consider safety as well as environment protection, domestic businesses strictly limit the storage and transporting.

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