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The Development of the Mud Solid Control System

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Solid control system development of solid control system came into being, but regardless of the type of solid control system change, maximize it in solid drilling fluid is clear and stockpiling enough of the basic functions of drilling fluids are constant, which had always relied on mechanical clearance equipment and organic combination of auxiliary equipment, such as drilling fluid storage tank to complete these basic functions.

King cobra screen is a kind of oil shale Shaker, king cobra screen is composed of 2 to 3 layers stainless steel mesh in adhesive liner made of metal, metal lining on both sides have linked to use linked directly above the oil shale Shaker. It has wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and temperature-resistant features.

Mud guns are using high-speed hydraulic Jet mixing mud mixer. Mud gun is mainly used to provide supplementary mixing or pre-mixed mud in the mud tanks, depending on the amount used, and tank size. Best used in tank corners prevent solids precipitate, Center of the agitator under the tank. Mud guns generally placed in drilling fluid circulation tank top, mainly divided into high-voltage and low-voltage type. High pressure mud gun always with small displacement, high stress, it general supplies the liquid to polyurethane screen. Low pressure mud gun, it supplies to the sand pump, large displacement and low stress.

The function of the drilling liquid mud gun:

Gun drilling fluids is relying on the speed of the gun body nozzle flow, impact drilling fluid storage tank sedimentary solid phase at the end of his suspension. At the same time, when the Blender is down after a period of time, sedimentary solid buried when need to re-enable impeller, drilling fluids would remove agitator parts when starting resistance moment, this Blender works to provide a reliable guarantee.

The type of the mud gun:

Drilling fluids of high and low pressure, high pressure gun drilling pumps for liquid discharge tributary, pressure rating of 1~6MPa; low voltage centrifugal pump for liquid, pressure rating of 0.2~0.3MPa. How much should be decided according to the number of blenders.

Drilling mud gun ZJ drilling rig mud solid control system, mainly used in drilling mud circulation system, while the device can also be used with mud for drilling fluid shear pump to prevent the mud in the mud precipitation tank in a dedicated facility, drilling mud can effectively prevent mud in the mud tank corner precipitation. Drilling mud gun of simple structure, operational flexibility, ease of use is an ideal prevention of slurry sedimentation of solids control equipment.


1. Attention to keep the mud gun nozzle cleanly, preventing the mud clogs.

2. Attention of mud gun valve adjustment, according to mud density to adjust the gate valve size.

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