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The Development of the Centrifugal Pump

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The development process of centrifugal pump during the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the national investment plan for construction of facilities is nearly ¥430 billion in urban sewage treatment and recycling. Among them, all kinds of facilities construction investment is ¥427.1 billion, ¥2.7 billion of investment in infrastructure and supervision ability construction. Investment in infrastructure, including improvements and new network investments 244.3 ¥ billions of urban sewage treatment capacity ¥ 104 one billion to invest in new, urban sewage treatment plants to improve the investment 13.7 ¥ billions of sludge treatment and disposal facility construction investment 34.7 ¥ ten one hundred million, ¥ 30.4 one billion investment and recycled water facilities. There are also other pump, like shear pump and sand pump in industry areas.

As the relevant data shown, in the sewage treatment equipment investment in machinery and equipment, pumps about 15% of the total investment, according to the calculation of this ratio, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, pump products demand of city sewage treatment will be ¥60 billion, the next three years and nearly ¥40 billion of the market demand, good centrifugal pump industry. Prospective net predicts, to 2020, the centrifugal pump imports Chinese could reach $5 billion, more than $4.9 billion of centrifugal pump American become the world's largest importing country.

In today's era of economic globalization, people gradually realize that the enormous influence of the environmental and social development, high-quality products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, power, textile, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection equipment, warm areas through air-conditioning, building automation, steel, construction, etc., some large domestic enterprises, especially metallurgy showed extraordinary performance, has affirmed the majority of users.

China's high-end products in the field of centrifugal pump will still have a larger gap, product import substitution space tremendous. Current, industry of our country centrifugal pump is in transformation and upgrading of the opportunity, the local government to actively support the centrifugal pump local industry transformation and upgrade, enhance the core competitiveness of industry. The centrifugal pump is widely used in various fields including the municipal pipe network, Metro Engineering, water plant, no negative pressure equipment, chemical plant, power plant, coal mine water supply system, fire control system. And the HVAC system, sewage treatment station and other industries.

There are so many characteristics of centrifugal pump. The excellent hydraulic model and advanced manufacturing process, greatly improve the performance and service life of the pump. Because of the seal with sealing materials for hard alloy and fluorine rubber machinery, pump operation can improve the reliability and transmission medium temperature. Overflow is partly due to stainless steel stamping and welding caused the pump, the pump can be applied to mildly corrosive media. Generally speaking, compact structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, energy saving, convenient maintenance. The water inlet and the water outlet pump in the pump at the same level, which can be used directly in line. The standard motor is equipped, the user can conveniently according to need to be equipped with the motor.

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