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The Development of Shale Shaker in China

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The development of shale shaker is good in recent years, especially the Brandt shaker. Fifty years ago, the research ability and the manufacturing level lagged behind the world’s level because of the poor industrial base. In the past 50 years, the development of shale shaker in our country has been from the scratch and the scale has been from small to large. The development process from backward to advanced general can be divided into four stages.

The first stage of the development of shale shaker is importing equipments. Before liberation, the shaking work was mainly completed by manpower in China's coal preparation and mining industry. A handful of mining factories used some fixed shakers. These devices entirely relied on imports. After the liberation, with the development of Chinese economy, some related industries began to popularize and apply the shale shaker. Most coal preparation factory, mining factory and quarry factory used old-fashioned shaker and started to use small linear shaker.

The second stage of the development of shale shaker is imitation. From 50's to 60's, our country started to import all kinds of shale shaker from the former Soviet Union, Poland and other European countries. There were many famous brand shakers, and brandt shaker is one of them. During this period, it organized the national related units to imitate and research RYN series circular shale shaker and BKT series shale shaker of the former Soviet Union and WK-15 circular shale shaker, CJM-2L type shale shaker and WP1, WP2 hanging type linear shale shaker of Poland. Then our country successfully made domestic SZZ series center shale shaker, SZ series linear shale shaker and SSZ series inertial shale shaker. The success of the shale shaker’s imitation laid a foundation of the later development and educated China's first batch of technical personnel.

The third stage of the development of shale shaker is improvement. At the beginning of the 60's, it began to use some technology of the former Soviet Union and Poland. From 70's to 80's, our country introduced the technology of Brandt shaker Company from America. When our country entered a rapid development period of reforming and opening up, the development of our shale shaker also entered a new stage. The introduction of foreign shale shakers and manufacturing technology improved the skills of designing and manufacturing personnel. They learned the theory, method, design skills and manufacture of shale shaker design from the advanced countries.

The fourth stage of the development of shale shaker is independently developed. China has created the first single axis shale shaker using in coal industry. It also independently developed the ZDM series single axis shale shaker and ZSMO series double axis shale shaker and put into production and usage. It can basically meet the demands of domestic middle coal preparation plant construction at that time. On this basis, through advanced technology, it has developed the 2ZKB2163 linear shale shaker, YKl545 and 2YK2145 circular shale shaker, YHl836 heavy shale shaker and RQl224 shale shaker. The successful manufacture of the four new type’s shale shaker marks the shale shaker machinery in China set foot on the road of independent development. The shale shaker in China has great development recent years. In the future, China may create a famous brand of shale shaker, just as Brandt shaker.

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