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The Development of Mission Pump

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Mission pump was put into use when we were very young, and it has been serving people’s life for a long time. As an important part in construction industry and machinery field, it is now more and more useful in people’s life. Do you know how many years has the mission pump been existed, how well do you know about the history of Mission pump?

So far, Mission pump has been used for more than 100 years. The earliest function of a mission pump is to circulate mud, cool the bottom of a well, carry particles and form mud cake on the wall of a well. And this is considered to be the beginning of the history of Mission pump. The typical mission pump is a double cylinder and double acting pump, this pump is more reliable, but has larger size and weighs a lot. Their biggest disadvantage is the low efficiency and the high pressure fluctuation. Its inlet line and outlet line are easily blocked and are hard to clear. And the operators are always required to put a lot of butter on to the bearing of the mission pump. The working pressure is usually so high that it is harmful to pipes. This leads to a easy wreck to the pump and a great reduction to the service life of the pump. The gap is not so good that it makes a great noise during working time. These unreasonable gaps are usually considered to be other difficulties for maintaining the performance of a mission pump.

With the increased in the depth of the well and the layers of annular tubes, the requirements for output volume and working pressure are getting higher. This leads to a big step in the history of mission pump -- a sharp increase in pump power, pump weight and Mud gun size. After various researches, the use of triple cylinder and single acting mission pump begins. This improved machine has advantages like small size, light weight, high efficiency and small pressure fluctuation, and is especially suitable for drilling. After years of continuous improvement and perfection, triple cylinder and one acting mission pump has got numbers of advantages like small size, light weight, high efficiency, and stable performance, low cost and so on. Its production technology is becoming mature and the effect of its improvements is obvious.

One of a newly improved mission pump is a horizontal three-cylinder and single acting piston pump, and this is widely known as the most successful type of mission pump in the history of Mission pump. It could meet eight different requirements of pressure and flow volume. It is used in geological core drilling project for transferring clearing mud, water and soap liquid through pipelines. It is especially suitable for projects of 1500 meters, and can be used together with diamond drilling supporting tool of a small diameter. It has advantages like flexible operation, long service life, good quality, good decomposition, easy for installation and easy for transportation

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