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The Development of Desilter

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In geological work, using the diameter of the drilling equipment to drill down into the smaller one with desilter of desander, columnar whole depth is larger, also called drilling. The size of drilling diameter and depth is depending on the drilling purpose and mineral buried depth and so on. Drilling for oil, gas and water drilling diameter is larger. Main function of the desander and the desilter is as belows. Firstly, access to the underground data, which is taken from the drilling core, mine heart, debris, liquid, gas and so on. Secondly, as a geophysical well logging channel, access to rock seam materials of various kinds of geophysical field. Thirdly, as an artificial channel observation aquifer hydrogeological dynamic situation which is used as the agent of the combination with groundwater development, the drilling of oil and gas gathered together.

Drilling is usually composed of geological survey focuses on the application or exploration drilling, hydrogeology drilling, water well, or engineering geological drilling, geothermal well drilling, oil drilling, coal field drilling and so on.

Cable also called impact drill. The drilling bit with wire rope to the bottom of a well, driven by power beam to make Liang Yiduan movement up and down, and drive the wire rope and fluctuation impact drill make the rock broken by the desilter and desander. Drilling rate is slow with low efficiency, which can not adapt to well depth to increase and complex formation drilling requirements with desilter advantages, it will be gradually replaced by rotary drilling. But it has simple equipment, low cost, no pollution of reservoir and so on, can be used in some shallow low pressure leakage of oil and gas Wells.

The effects of the cutting or grinding are using bit rotates and broken rock. It is the most common way of drilling. Beton drill drilling rate is faster and easier to handle hole sloughing, blowout and other complex situation. The way according to the power of the rotary drill and can be divided into two kinds of rotary drilling and underground power drill with the desilter and the desander . Rotary drill is one part at the mouth of the well rig device itself, and wheel center of the square hole. The kelly bar to break the rocks through the square hole at the top of the drill string, the drill string and bit power driven rotary drill string. Downhole drilling is use to the down hole drill motors to drive the drill bit to break rocks, when drilling string does not rotate, wear small, short service life, especially suitable for directional well. Downhole drill turbine drill, screw drill, electric drill and so on.

The development of oil drilling, human impact drill is to rely on human, bailing bucket, special drill, hang rope, beam and so on in 1521 ~ 1835. Mechanical drilling, by mechanical impact broken rock, broke rock and clear and white in 1859 ~ 1901.

The rotating drill was in 1901, rotary drilling is established by dynamic bit rotates with the desander of the desilter, in the process of spinning on bottom hole rock breakage and circulation drilling fluid to clean the bottom hole drilling method at the same time.

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