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The Development of Convenient Shaker Screen

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First of all, let's make a brief introduction of brant screen. Vibrating screen is to use the vibrator excitation generated the reciprocating screw type vibration to work. The rotary hammer of the stator make the sieve surface produced plane whirl vibration, while the rotating hammer make sieve surface produced cone rotary vibration, the effect of the combination is to make vibration sieve surface produced complex type rotary. The vibration track is a complex space curve. In the horizontal projection, the curve is a round, and in the vertical plane of projection is an oval. Adjust the upper and lower rotating hammer exciting force can change the amplitude. While adjust the space phase Angle of upper and lower weight, you can change the curve shape of the shaker screen and change the direction of movement of screen surface materials.

The development of convenient shaker screen is high-speed. Next, we introduce the development of convenient shaker screen.

In the 1950 s, our country still use imported sieving equipment, and then people feel the mechanized equipment efficiency is good, and can bring considerable revenue for the enterprise. The development of convenient mongoose pt screen is high-speed.

So there will be many experts began to focus on the research of foreign equipment, in just ten years, more and more people are into this industry.

In the 60 s, people began to try to copy foreign products. We have to admit that Chinese are a very clever people.  Large quantities of imitations soon entered the Chinese market, and bring big profits for the many production industry in our country. The development of convenient shaker screen makes great progress.

In the 80 s, after the reform and open policy, innovation wave surges. People are no longer satisfied with the present situation, and have the pursuit of a higher level. They began to innovate on the basis of the original vibrating screen equipment, and there was a variety of screening equipment now. The development of convenient shaker screen is high-speed.

According to our survey shows that this new type of screening equipment has already permeated every aspect of our life, and become an indispensable part of our life. In the coming days, it will get a better development. The function will be more perfect.

The development of convenient shaker screen is bright. In the modern society, the sieve net factory must strengthen independent innovation, and improve the level of vibrating screen mesh of science and technology, speed up its development. Science and technology is the first productive force. Only continuously strengthen the innovation, can always in the invincible position in society.

I believe that in the future, the development of convenient shaker screen will be better and better. Our country's science and technology will be more and more powerful. The comprehensive national strength is more and more strong.

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