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The Development Trend of Submersible Sand Pump

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Submersible sand pump itself and the platform to select submersible sand pump have many advantages. In the future, the domestic electric submersible pump demand will continually increase. The submersible sand pump will have the following four major development trends:

1 Domestic granule impurity pumping pump, pump with cutting device, multistage pump, pumping corrosion potential of cement and sand pump and multi-purpose submersible sand pump products compared with foreign countries, it is not enough. However, multi-purpose submersible sand pump demand is really great. In some chemical industry, papermaking and mining industries, multi-purpose submersible sand pump is demand in large quantity and widely applied, so it has great prospects in future development.

2 Due to the development of large and medium-sized submersible sand pump has advantages of simplifying structure of submersible sand pump sand and save the sand pumping platform construction investment, so it can not only reduce costs, but also can shorten the construction period. Therefore, in the future, in the municipal, mining industrial, environmental and i agricultural water supply and drainage, submersible sand pump will be used more and more widely. It’s estimated that the demand will be in daily increments.

3 All kinds of new materials and new technology will refer to the submersible sand pump; research and development of application of corrosion resistant materials in the submersible sand pump; computer aided design, new technology aided manufacturing and testing, application of new technology will be imperative. In fact, new technology, new materials, new technology applications will not only liberate labor productivity, but also can ensure that the product quality is stable and reliable.

4 The key part of domestic submersible sand pump is the development of high reliability of mechanical seal. The use of two single face mechanical seal can make the role of media pressure work to end section, as the internal leakage flow direction, which is favorable. But the structure is more complex than normal types. Therefore, it should further study the structure and materials to improve the reliability and service life of submersible sand pump.

In short, submersible sand pump is one essential thing in life and production activities and there is a great need of speed up the development it. For that, actions of innovations and new technology research are required.

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