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The Development Tread of the Desander

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With the promotion of modern science and technology, the desander also gets large development opportunity. Therefore, desander developing trend is a question that should be considered.

The first trend is the integration of multiple technologies. The intelligent machine is a trend of future development. The integration of complex network system, computer and desander is able to get an intelligent degree of the modern technology. In addition, the automatic control system and minitype machine as well as neural network brings desander to a new degree. Therefore, the integration to the modern technology is beneficial to optimizing production.

The second developing trend is the development of the digital business model. Digital information and network revolution change and promote the business model of the oil drilling industry as well as the exchange means between customers and suppliers. The popular e-commerce model is used to reduce the cost in maintaining and material purchasing. One of the factors that promote the digital business is because that the products and service can change into the digital form totally in lower cost.

Well, the third one is the influence to the downstream industry. Many patented technologies of oil refining and chemical industry have been popularized and used in oil drilling. The application of new dealing and isolation technique make the underground dealing into reality.

The fourth developing trend of the desander is the rising industry researching and developing system. In addition, the financing way and organization structure of the research and development changed a lot in the past 20 years. According to the developing trend of all industries, the new power comes from the risk capital starting ecosystem. Starting the technology company is the fast department of the whole industry research and development. Many starting technologies have been utilized and promoted in oil and natural gas industry. In the future 10 years, the capital of this kind of new technology is going to be used in upper industries. And finally, this kind of new technology will produce, promote and change oil and natural gas in lower cost and higher potential value.

Another desander developing trend is to combine single technology to different systems. And these systems are going to match up with new commercialization in the middle of exploring and developing. The combination is a powerful urge force. With the increasing of single technology, it is possible to combine them to deal with some special problems or a unit of problems.

Apart from the technology development, the technology labor force and their transfer is another desander developing trend in the past 10 years. The core of the information and knowledge of the exploration and development of the oil focuses on one generation. And these people are facing retirement. Therefore, how to transfer these knowledge and techniques to new generation and how to deal with the problem of manpower shortage become challenges.

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