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The Development Opportunity for the Drilling Equipment Manufacturers

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Manufacturing companies benefit from investment in growth

The data shows that the investment of the global oil exploration continued to grow in near decades. In 2008, the investment of the global oil and gas exploration broken through 400 billion US dollar, reached $ 454 billion. In 2009, influenced by the global financial crisis, the global oil and gas exploration investment was $ 395 billion, fell from the previous year to 13%,it is declined for the first time in nearly 10 years, promptly back up to $ 439 billion in 2010.

Drilling equipment primarily refers to oil exploration and drilling equipment , drilling for oil and gas exploration, development, transportation, and other special equipment, including various types of geophysical well logging equipment, drilling equipment, oil equipment, down hole operation in oil and gas gathering and transmission equipment, marine equipment, drilling platforms and equipment, and related accessories and tools. Domestic enterprises have a certain ability of the service in these devices. Due to substantive positive incentives, some of which are listed companies, both in production and management, as well as capital markets have a good performance.

As a domestic leading enterprises in oil drills in Asia, as well as the world's third largest oil drill manufacturer, Jiangzuan public through the introduction of advanced technology from abroad, and after years of assimilation and development, at present the quality of its products have been quite close to the advanced level abroad, but the price was lower than foreign products, which makes the face foreign competitors have significant cost advantages. As the drill is the necessary production in the oil and gas drilling, accounted for about 4% of the drilling costs. It is clear that oil and gas drill growth in demand stemming from increased investment in. In addition, the Jiangzuan also seeks to break a single product sales business model, to "product sales plus oilfield services" this business model consistent with industry trends shift.

It is urgent to develop high-end equipment

The new product is delayed; the high-end products are very difficult to be involved. There is more normal product, less famous brands. Products with independent intellectual property rights are facing real problems in the industry. Through a variety of effective ways to change this situation is the key for enterprise taking advantage of new market opportunities.

Significant and special equipment development of high technical difficulty, investment and manufacturing cycle is very long. These issues have significant and special equipment manufacture industry development in our country create difficulties. Oil drilling equipment manufacturing industry exist the same problem. Experts pointed out that, at the beginning of major equipment research, the coordination of government departments and organizations should be strengthened, from the overall interests of the country, coordinate manufacturing units and user comments, organizations teamed up to develop a first-class manufacturing enterprise, in particular, to implement on your own hand depends on the project, solve the first sets of issues such as localization equipment to enter the market. Therefore, manufacturing sectors and effective coordination and targeted to specific user cooperation becomes more and more important.

In recent years, through some practice shows that many major works for the technical equipment provided application platform and localization of the major technologies and equipment also greatly reduces the capital cost of the project and brought tangible benefits to the project. CNPC subsidiary China Petroleum equipment manufacturing company producing products and services cover all areas of petroleum and petrochemical industry chain; products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, forming a group of domestic and international competitiveness of ACE products and quality products. Equipment production and development base, to which they belong, initially formed a distinct, complement each other's best-selling products and technical service capabilities. Introduction of the stack sizer greatly reduced the sediment in the drilling, increased the drilling speed.

Tips for the drilling equipment manufacturers

In the "Twelve-Five" at the beginning of the year, oil drilling equipment manufacturing industry is facing rare opportunities for development. Oil drilling equipment manufacturers to adhere to independent innovation, transition to a high-end manufacturing, promote low carbon development, transition to a green manufacturing; speeding up the informatization construction, transition to a modern service manufacturing; comparative advantage, and seize the commanding heights of development, institutional mechanisms and management on a competitive edge, for the future development of the industry to provide stronger momentum.

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