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The Developing Trend of the Drilling Equipment

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The drilling equipment is mechatronics that makes the digital manufacturing technology as the core like vacuum degasser. And the drilling equipment is composed of control system, service system, testing system, machine driven system as well as other accessory system. And the government calls for the drilling equipment developing trend should be informatization, automation as well as intelligence, which is the overall developing trend of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, China has been the No.1 country to consume and import the drilling equipment. And on the aspect of market requirement, and with some high growth industry that on the basis of heavy industry like domestic vehicle, steel, mechanical, mould, electricity as well as chemical engineering, the requirements to automatic devices with high efficiency and high accuracy increase, which pushes the drilling equipment industry enter into a new era. Therefore, the drilling equipment developing trend is bound to be hopeful.

At present, the drilling equipment that has been used in our country are most ordinary drilling equipment. Too many drilling equipments are easy to cause safety problems. Therefore, the safety problems have been the key factor that influences the development of the drilling equipment developing trend. Therefore, in order to make sure the drilling equipment developing trend, it is necessary to increase the safety problem, promote the safety level of the drilling equipment, deal with the problem of low numerical control level, frequent personnel injury accident, low safety level as well as low working efficiency.

In addition, after the digital promotion of ordinary vacuum degasser, it is possible to promote the manufacturing efficiency and automation and intelligence level to a great extent. At the same time, it is possible to reduce the danger of wrong contacting. And the operation system and operation interface is going to be suitable for the demand of ergonomics increasingly, which is beneficial to reducing the error rate of the operators, so as to reduce the accidents caused by the faults. After the digital promotion of the drilling equipment, the safety performance has been promoted greatly with the reducing of the accident rate, which is able to bring huge secure effects.

Compared to the ordinary drilling, the promoted drilling equipment is going to be more suitable for large scale production. The promotion of large drilling equipment just needs the 1/3 cost of buying new drilling equipment. And the digital promotion of the drilling equipment is able to save the resource consumption and pollution discharge caused by the promotion.

The promotion experience shows that it is necessary to promote the drilling equipment efficiency after digital promotion of the drilling equipment. In earlier time, the drilling equipment needed one person to control. And the drilling equipment developing trend makes that one person to control two drilling equipment possible. And after the promotion, the manufacturing precise has been increased largely. And at the same time, the promoted drilling equipment is able to reduce the labor strength of the workers and lessen the test period and production period of the new products.

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