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The Determining Factors of the Mission Pump Functionality

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Mission pump buyers in general consider the mission pump cost and installation fee as an important part of the total oil well budget cost which is associated with the mission pump models and materials in the oil well planning and drilling procedures. As a matter of fact, the problem of mission pump circulation has been a major concern for oil drilling operators for a long time in spite of the fact that it is apparent in the early history of the oil drilling industry. The mission pump circulation has not drawn a large amount of attention until oil drilling operators begin to drill deeper down the earth or the sea in the depleted formation.

Therefore, the oil drilling industry tends to spend millions of dollars a year to improve the mission pump to reduce the pumping rig time and the occurrence of blow out so as to avoid the abandonment of expensive drilling tools that may occur with traditional mission pump due to such causes as mud losses, formation damage and zonal isolation under the bottom of the oil well. By doing so, mission pump may have the best working performance and major drilling losses can be prevented in the first place even though other forms of mission pump tasks may involve matrix filter and fracture expenditures.

Therefore, such mission pump parameters as pumping formation pressure, pumping pressure gradient and the oil drilling fluid properties as well as a lot of other known and unknown parameters play an important role in determining the overall functionality of the mission pump. As a matter of fact, engineers have pointed out that it is not impossible to predict the possibility of mission pump circulation in a certain formation and despite of this concern, which has pushed them to make further improvements on the machine so as to save trouble during the operation process and cut the oil production costs as a whole by virtual intelligence methods.

As we all know, the key to the success of the oil drilling job lies in the minimization of the production cost with the help of mission pump on the basis of safety and environmental issues since a major part of expenses in development of oil fields is related to the drilling phase of the project. Therefore, in order to minimize the cost of the drilling project, appropriate mission pump parameters should be adopted and each oil well should be constructed and adapted according to the specific geology of the region under the assistance of the detailed target formation and technical requirements. Mission pump buyers are recommended to carefully look at these parameters before they make purchase of the important pumps.

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