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The Details of Solid Control Equipment

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To begin with, we can know about the characteristics of the solid control equipment structure. Generally speaking, solid removal equipment of the tank system is placed on the tank. In order to ensure that the drilling fluid can return to the drilling fluid shale shaker or derrick shaker , workers must determine the height and size of the drilling fluid storage tank according to the height and size of drilling fluid shale shaker inlet. At the same time, you have to determine the amount of drilling fluid. Precision of the structure is one reason for the continued development of solid control equipment.

The scope of different removal equipment is different. In order to guarantee to carry waste at the bottom of the well to the ground, on the drilling fluid must have enough speed. Therefore, must be decided according to the borehole diameter size and the ability to drill drilling pump displacement. So, choose the solids control equipment must be from two aspects of purification level and the capacity to think about.

The solid control equipment is widely used, so the maintenance work is very important. In winter you should better strengthen the mud solid control equipment daily maintenance work. You can set up the mud solid control equipment management team which can take responsibilities to make sure the mud solid control equipment’s normal use. Operating rules must be strictly implemented in winter and put an end to illegal command, illegal operation and other illegal construction phenomena.

In winter, the maintenance management measures mainly include the following points. Fluid circulation reserve system, mixing system, the installation of mud solid control equipment will meet the requirements and it can also meet the needs of different drilling stages. Then you should use all kinds of test instruments to ensure the normal function. And you can start the degasser and mud centrifuge with application of steam preheat sand pump and liquid pipeline. And calibration must be in accordance with the direction of rotation number of rotating spindle motor connection and flange ring. This can ensure personal and equipment safety. At the same time the mud circulation, reserve and proportioning system of thermal insulation work is very important.

You should strictly carry out the mud design scheme to strengthen the daily management. You should also do regular survey, regular maintenance and regular treatment to guarantee the stability of performance. And then you should keep drilling cuttings in the tapered tank clear. Of course, you can increase the mud costs and stability in the borehole wall, inhibitors and fluid loss agent. In summer the construction ground circulation should be between 20 and 30 square meters. The drilling crew often uses good scratcher and blowout box to make sure the mud recycling in time to reduce waste. We have to mention that people tend to strengthen the mud material maintenance management work with enough preparation.

In winter mud solid control equipment has some matters needing attention. After using mud solid control equipment, you can clean the screen mesh with the steam or hot water. On the top of mud tank is clear steam pipe, water pipe and mud tube which are connected to the tank. The steam temperature is low and each tank inserts mud to prevent tank mud freeze. Degasser, stainless steel pump and mud centrifuge must put the mud in the net with clean water.

A set of solid control equipments of high quality are necessary in some heavy work. And now we can choose the suitable machine according to the qualified introduction in details of the solid control equipment. In addition, you must know how to do some maintenance work for your equipments.

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