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The Detailed Information of the 518 Centrifuge

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The following is the detailed information of the 518 centrifuge.

The 518 centrifuge , as well as de-1000 decanter centrifuge, are especially effective when used in environmentally sensitive areas. They can reduce the costs of disposal waste or recycle material from the liquids by delivering high efficient solids separation The 518 Centrifuges can operate smoothly for a long time at high speed keeping high precision-balanced and continuously producing extremely high G-forces.

The decanting centrifuge line almost have taken away all the eyes on other centrifuge available on the market from industrial treatment services, which includes (but are not limited to) Energy (Power Plants), Pulp & Paper, Agriculture, Electric, Medical Science, Pollution controlling and other fields.

The core for a 518 Centrifuge to get the amazing separation effects is the high-speed rotating stainless steel bowl which is also precision-balanced. There is a double lead spiral screw conveyor inside the bowl which is rotating at a slightly low speed in the direction as the bowl. Feed slurry is distributed to the bowl after entering through a hollow axle at the narrow end. High centrifugal force produced by high rotating speed will hold the slurry attaching the bowl wall. In the bowl wall, trapped particles are separated apart with the furry and then conveyed to the solids discharge ports by the works of tungsten carbide-tipped scroll flights. The left liquid out from the non-plugging stainless steel and go into discharge ports. The 518 Centrifuges can be used to separate almost any kinds of solid and is suitable for environmentally sensitive conditions.

The 518 centrifuge can take the places in the market for their superior features.

1. The stainless steel rotating shaft assembly and cover.

2. Long service life and low maintenance costs in the toughest environments provided by strong construction and high corrosion-resistant.

3. Multiple speed bowl provide variable speed controls, for which back drive speed can adjust between-18 and +85RPMs.

4. Three-port feed tube at the entering feed chamber can control the fluid velocity to prevent damage to some solids from impact.

5. With main drive of 50 hp and back drive of 20 hp, axial flow can allow higher solid and liquid flowing through.

6. High quality of engineered and man

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