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The Desander as an Important Drilling Equipment

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The desander is a kind of drilling equipment that is able to extract foreign particles from gas, water or the current of the waste water. The foreign particles consist of sang grains, stones, coal cinder or junk formed by other heavy solids. And the setting rate as well as the density is much larger than that of the organic matters that are easy to rotten in the water. The design of the desander is also able to protect the drilling machines from being worn. And it is also beneficial to reducing the deposition of the heavy matters in pipelines and in grooves and decreasing the clear times brought by a large amount of the accumulation of the foreign particles in the digestion cell. There are two kinds of common desanders, the horizontal flow grit removal tank as well as the airing grit channel. In addition, in the middle of the production of the gas, it is better to install desander in the hole mouth in order to prevent the sand from the layer from blocking the pipelines as well as the devices.

The desander is mainly applied for water treatment as well as the control of the raw water and supplement water, such as well drilling in oil field, trenchless horizontal oriented through, mud purification and hydro cyclone separation of the coal seam gas well drilling, grit removal of river water as well as well water, washed coal water, industrial ore dressing, separation of the solids from liquid, fluid degassing as well as the separation of non-miscible fluid. The desander also can be used in water source heat pump system such as heating water, cooling water of the air conditioning, chilled water, industrial and mining factories like steel, power generating as well as chemical industry, tap water, sea water, the surface water as well as underground water.

The hydrocyclones of the desander can be divided into two materials, polyurethane material with high wear resistant and high chromium cast iron material. And the high chromium cast iron material consists of stainless feeding hole, discharge hole, taper china swirler, taper stainless pot, automatic control or manual operation sand draining valve as well as the reverse flashing valve. Its advantages are economical and heat resistant, but its service life is a little short and lack of wear resistant. Generally, it is necessary to change once per two thousand hours. And the polyurethane material includes three parts, spiral casting, cone tank as well as cone. Its pros are high wear resistant ability with service life of four thousand and two hundred hours, and its rotational flow is relatively good, but it is not heat resistant.

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