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The Daily Details of Sand Pump Protecting

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Is the main purpose of sand pump for desanding cleaner, silt cleaner, slurry jet device provide a certain displacement and pressure of drilling fluid, to ensure the efficient work equipment. It is used to give oil field drilling mud solid control system of a small device, but don't look down upon, only do sand pump maintenance can improve the service life and increase efficiency.

Each step in the process of sand pump maintenance in detail:

1, the sand pump assembly:

All parts must be cleaned before assembly, especially thread, bearing and bearing lubrication, cleaning, carefully for some rough areas also applied gauze. First power end thrust bearing, two bearings shall be installed back to back, after a spin lock nut to buckle lock washers, lock nut tightening torque. In collar, coated with a thin layer on the shaft antifriction agent, fitted with stuffing box (must pay attention to the packing cavity polyamine fat sealing direction). Mount vice impeller (must pay attention to the direction and vice impeller clearance). Mount the impeller, the clearance between impeller and guard plate on the back 0.6 mm, gland cannot twist too tight, otherwise it may result in packing burn out when the pump operation. Assembly sequence according to remove the inverse direction, after assembled, turn the shaft by hand should be flexible, each part cannot have jam phenomenon.

2, sand pump inspection:

Impeller, the serious cavitation (especially the blades), the transition of corrosion, abrasion, breakage, require replacement impeller. Shaft inspection, the radial runout of more than 0.05 mm, oil seal position serious abrasion, shaft screw thread, groove, steps, and other surface injury occurs, for finishing axis, unable to repair, replace the shaft. Check shaft sleeve, surface roughness and badly damaged, replace the axle sleeve, after removal of oil seal must be replaced. Inspection of ball bearing excessive wear, too tight, too loose or noise during operation of the bearing must be replaced (new bearing only when replacement to kaifeng, must and pump for bearing the original with bearing type and size). Check the O ring, usually after removal of O ring should be replaced, for other sealing gasket, etc., as long as no broken, can be used again.

3, the removal of sand pump:

Remove the packing gland, unload and demolition of the impeller, pump shell to pull down the impeller nut with a wrench (nut for the clasp, lending should be stuck on the coupling end shaft first, in case the axis rotation.). With a wooden block and hammer knock back wheel steel impeller, exit the impeller again, remove the guard plate, vice impeller exit, and discharge the stuffing box, the packing cavity exit polyurethane skeleton oil seal, spacer ring, packing. Exit the shaft sleeve, if the collar too close, usable wedge block on the tail (shoulder) to make it loose. Remove the bearing gland, tear open a lock nut and lock washer, with copper bar or block pad on the shaft end, from left to right, from the bracket down the shaft and bearing components (note shall not damage the shaft shoulder).

Hope you know clearly about the protection of sand pump

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