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The Current Situation and Developing Direction of Crude Oil Desanders

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In the course of exploiting thick oil, many people know that some sands in the essential oil layer will be brought to the soil and into the surface area conveyance thing when bad essential oil is made from under soil. Nevertheless, the existence of sand will make pipelines plugged and do some damages to pumps and metering instruments. As well decent deal sand sediment will make some difficulty for heating program and separating gear of essential oil, fuel and drinking water. You can use oil desander , such as the king cobra screen . The sand, further lot more, will also produce a sequence of complications for gathering and transmission gears on the soil:

(1) You should know the oil desanders. The stoppage and sediment of sand decrease the quantity of separator and crude essential oil safe-keeping tank, improve upkeep price, slicing back again crude essential oil manufacturing, and influencing the separating capability of setting tank and the top quality of programs.

(2)The stoppages of digesting gear induced by sand, which make manage valve disable, improve the washing and keeping function.

(3)On a single hand the complications decrease the utilization overall performance of essential oil source; on the other hand natural environment and individual's wellbeing will be damaged indirectly.

(4) As surface area gathering program cannot function hermetically due to the fact of the existence of sand, it will result in the lighting hydrocarbon to be leaked and wasted, polluting the atmosphere.

(5) The sand sediment on the surface area of heating program is unsafe for heat swap.

(6) It will be a lot more complicated to separate essential oil programs.

Clearly individual’s complications have an unfavorable result on generating, gathering and transforming crude essential oil. As an end result, essential oil-sand separating procedure is a must.

At existing, the most typical crude essential oil desanders in the planet largely consist of: Mozley Wellspin desander produced by Natco firm in United States, tore desander produced by Merpro in United Kingdom, Fula oilfield desander and individuals multinational utilizing gears this kind of as desanding centrifugal system, desanding setting tank and single desander. Their functioning rules are centered on settling separation, centrifugal separation and filtering separation. Nevertheless, filtering separation is not decent for ongoing procedure, due to the fact in this procedure filtration method requirements back again. As a result, filtering separation is not extensively applied.

Based on the usages, desanding device should be created in the

Subsequent instructions:

(1) Systematize the desander by combining the procedures of separating, washing and discharging sand.

(2) Be result in cycle single desander has large overall performance with minimal price, study and grow it as a crucial desanding device.

(3) For the large sand articles and broad sizing distribution variety of in crude essential oil, use multi-point separating procedure to provide several desanding device's benefits into entire use.

(4) In purchase to eliminate sand without risk and damage to natural environment, it is essential to be equipped with an appropriate sand washer. For heavy thick essential oil, a viscosity decline gear is also necessary.

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