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The Current Condition of the Drilling Fluid Solid Control System

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In the middle of drilling wells, the drilling fluid with good performance is the precondition of promoting drilling speed, reducing drilling cost, guarding against accident under wells and protecting the oil and gas production layer, while the drilling fluid solid control system is the guarantee of the property of the drilling fluid. Well, brandt shaker is also one of the parts of the solid control equipment system. With the development of the oil exploration industry and the increase of the drilling depth as well as the drilling layer, there are more and more special wells such as bore, superdeep wells and horizontal well. Thus, the requirements to the drilling fluid solid control system of the solid control equipment are much higher. In recent years, the technique of the solid control system improved a lot from drilling fluid circulation pot to solid control equipment. And the technological process is going to be more and more reasonable. However, there are still some misunderstandings in the fittings of the solid control system.

The dischargeable capacity of the drilling fluid circulation pot should be enough to accommodate the maximum circulation volume in the middle of drilling wells together with enough reserve ability. And it is also necessary to possess the ability to take part in the circulation at any time and push wells under urgent emergency. In recent years, with the growing expansion of the oversea market and the improved requirements of drilling technique to drilling well solid control system, there is phenomenon that to expand the volume blindly.

Too large volume of the solid control system will create the increase of removal cost of drilling machines and drilling fluid. Thus, reasonable volume is the target of the users. It is generally to use drilled well volume calculus and drilled well drivepipe volume calculus to calculate the effective volume of the drilling fluid solid control system according to the drilling practice for several years. The drilled well volume calculus use the volume of the drilling fluid that tank up the well after finishing drilling as the minimum volume that the drilling fluid system needs.

The size of single pot of a set of the solid control system and the amount of the circulation pot generally depends on the factors such as the height of the derrick substructure, local transport condition, the effective volume that the drilling machines need. And the surface of the circulation pot should have enough space to put solid control equipments, blender as well as the transmission pump of the drilling machine. In addition, it is necessary to consider the space of setting connection pipelines, mud ditch, fittings, pump intake pipeline as well as the discharge pipeline. The volume of each cabin is mainly determined by installation space of the solid control equipments such as drilling fluid vibrating screen, drilling fluid grit separator, silt remover and other accessory equipment.

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