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The Connection among the Desilter, the Desander as well as the Mud Cleaner

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As a matter of fact, the integration of the desander as well as the desilter is mud cleaner. How is their working for oil drilling or well drilling? Let’s find out.

Desander for Oil Well Drilling

Desander has developed for a long period. For desander, its initial maximum working capacity was 6×8″ per hydro cyclone unit. Because of the problems of the block as well as the structure, the size of the desander began to change to 10 second even 12 second. However, according to the requirements of the customers, we also use desander separator with speed of eight second in drilling oil well.

The desander cone is the most important factor that has influence on the desander separator. What kind of material manufactures the desander? Its mainly material is PU because of its high corrosion resistant ability. However, the disadvantage of the desander is that it can’t support high temperature. The strength as well as the hardness will decrease under the temperature over 40℃. Then the desander cone will be damaded and show leakage of the drilling fluid. Then we make the wall of the well thicker. However, it is going to have influence on the feature of the desander cones or even decrease working efficiency. At the same time, it is better to select anti-corrosion layer covering on the surface to make sure the high efficiency. As for the structure or aspect of the desander, it is necessary to take the design of the water pressure into consideration. This will transform rectilinear motion into spiral movement.

Desilter Separator

Desilter separator has something common with the desander. The important part of the desilter is the cone as well, while the tiny difference between them is the inside diameter of the cone as well as the partial size of the desilter separator. As a matter of fact, the promotion of the cone of the desander or desander has been used to desilter as well. In order to attract the attention, the cone set of line style has some unstable influence on manufacturing which is led through different pressure. Thus, at present, many users are thinking of taking the place of this structure to input pipeline set.

Mud Cleaner for Oil Drilling

Maybe most of us have no idea about what the mud cleaner is. Actually, the integration of the grit separator, desilter as well as the bottom shaker will form the mud cleaner or mud adjustment. The bottom shaker which is collocated with equipment that is on the first stage can be linear movement. Other problems are mainly the same as the hydro cyclone separators.

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