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The Commonality of New Mud Cleaner Types

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Mud cleaners are playing an increasing role in our industry, emerging more and more new mud cleaner types serving people, the differences of which consist in the shale shaker and the number of cones, but those mud cleaner types still have common characters. The Commonality of New mud cleaner types:

(1) Operating Principle

All operating principle of all the new mud cleaner types depends on its inner components, including decanter cones, deciliter cones and a under fluids shale shaker. The feed slurry of both solids and liquid would go through the inlet at a high velocity above twenty-five, obtained by the steady pressure inside the device. Then a spinning velocity and resorting centrifugal forces will be created by the high velocity transmitted to the feed section. The spiral stream downward towards the hydro cyclone wall is caused by the vortex finder, thus creating spiraling stream in a downward direction. The solids are separated according to the size and weight particles, which can be applied to all the new mud cleaner types. The influence of its size is much bigger than the variations in density in the destiny range of particles, ensuring the biggest particles will be settled first.

(2)Fundamental Features

The competition among enterprises becomes more and more drastic nowadays. In order to win the market, so as to put itself in a stead station in the market, the enterprises of some new mud cleaner types put forward many advanced and comprehensive service idea. Some new mud cleaner types declare that they can design customized and cost-effective mud cleaner in order to meet customers’ special needs. Providing customers with comprehensive services, they will win more potential clients. But all those service ideas are just strategies for the enterprises to win the market share, the fundamental features of all the new mud cleaner types are largely identical with minor differences.

(3) Ideas of Environmental Sustainability and Resources Saving

Instead of deciliters, the mud cleaner is introduced for the treatment of weighted mud for the purpose of avoiding barite wasting. A mud cleaner consists a set of deciliters mounted a fine mesh screen shaker above to make sure that the deciliters underflow are able to pass through the fine screen, discharging the solids larger than 74 into reserve pit, letting its liquid containing a good part of barite pass through the screen and then be conveyed into the circulating system. You must examine the mud cleaner operation and adjust it frequently, thus reducing loss of barite. Ideas of environmental sustainability and resources saving are also a commonality in design of all the new mud cleaner types.

Due to the ability to deal with mud slurry are enhanced greatly, some new mud cleaner types are very convenient to install and operate, and what’s more, they have simple structure with a low cost.

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