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The Classification of the Shale Shaker

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The VSM shaker as a kind of shale shaker is able to be classified into straight VSM shaker, round VSM shaker as well as circular VSM shaker. Facing so many kinds of VSM shakers, it is hard for uses to understand how to choose VSM shaker. Therefore, at this time, some necessary tips are necessary.

The first tip of how to choose VSM shaker is about the straight VSM shaker. The straight VSM shaker refers to VSM shaker whose movement tracks of any point on the shaker trunk are straight. That is to say, when the axle of the VSM shaker rotates, there is only one power on some certain direction to carry out movement. Then the VSM shaker only carries out forward and backward straight action along this direction.

Another tip of how to choose VSM shaker is to understand its characteristics. The VSM shaker has the advantages of elegance and can be used for a long period of time, so it is possible for it to filter any kind of mud in any kind of working condition. That is the reason of why it becomes so popular. In addition, it is easy to wash, repair and change the screen easily. And the screen hole is not easy to be blocked by the mud passing through. The impurity and dust will be expelled automatically, so the VSM shaker is able to work for continuous several hours. And the special design of the screen makes sure long service period of the screen. However, due to the small volume, there is only a little space for the drilling equipment to replace. And relying on the results of science and technology, the application of the VSM shaker has spread to food, chemistry, china and golden molding industries.

Another tip of how to choose VSM shaker is about the round VSM shaker. The round VSM shaker is also a main classification of the shale shakers.. During the operation of the round VSM shaker, the movement tracks of any point on the box are round. When the axle carries out movement, there are only powers on two directions. At this time, this kind of VSM shaker carries out round movement.

As for the problem of how to choose VSM shaker, it is also necessary to consider the quality, manufacturing technique as well as operation performance of the VSM shaker apart from considering the classifications of the VSM shaker. The main purpose of the VSM shaker is to filter mud and liquid in the middle of oil well drilling activity. Therefore, the filtering performance of the VSM shaker should be the first thing for the users to consider. In addition, it is necessary to choose the VSM shaker in famous stores with favorable reputation to make sure the quality of the VSM shaker you would like to purchase.

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