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The Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump

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According to the way of suction, there are single suction pumps and double suction pumps. The liquid flow to the impeller from one side of the single suction pump without axial force. And the liquid flow to the impeller from both sides of the double suction pump, also without axial force, its rate of flow is double than that of single suction pump.

According to the series, it is divided into single-stage pump with only one impeller pump shaft, and the ISG pipeline centrifugal pump . There are more than two impellers equiped on the same roots pump, the liquid flow through every impeller one by one, the more series, the higher lift.

There are horizontal pumps and vertical pumps according to the pump shaft bearing.

It can be divided into sectional pump, open in the pump and volute pump according to the shell type. Sectional pump is a plane perpendicular to the axis part, connection with long bolt between segment and segment. Volute pump is a kind of centrifugal pump with pressurized water chamber, for example, the common side suction cantilever centrifugal pump.

The special structure, pipeline pump as a part of pipeline, there is no need to change the line when installation, submersible pump and motor integrated together into the water, the pump of the submerged pump immersed in the liquid. The impeller of the shielding pump connected to the motor rotor as a whole, and in the same sealed casing without wealed structure which belongs to zero leakage pump. All of the pump body fully enclosed except the entrance and the exit, the connection with pump and motor coupling adopts magnetic suction to drive.

High-speed accelerates its speed by growth box makes the pump shaft rotation, generally, it will reach over 10000r/min, it is called partial emission pump or tangent pump.

At the same upper part of the entrance and the exit of the vertical tube type pump, there are two-layer shell of inside and outside. The inner shell is composed of rotor, vane and so on.

The centrifugal pump is one type of vane pump, this kind of pump is mainly relied on more than one impeller rotating to produce centrifugal force to flow conveying liquid. The flow range of the centrifugal pump is very big, usually between 5rrf and 20000rrf/h, both of the flow rate and pressure are stable without fluctuation. The rotating speed of centrifugal pump is a little high, can connect with the cotor turbine directly, the compact transmission mechanism is very simple, convenient to control, easy adjustment and maintenance, make easy operation and long distance control come true, which makes the price of it is low. Before using centrifugal pump, air of the inner pump should be evacuated by the fill pump or the vacuum pump.

All of these are the characteristics of centrifugal pump, if you want to buy a suitable centrifugal pump, you should know all of these above.

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