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The Centrifugal Pump Characteristics

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Many years earlier, people began to use tools with the similar working principle to the centrifugal pump to work. In modern society, the centrifugal pump plays a crucial role in oil refining, chemistry, environment protection, and food as well as drug industries. As for the field of dealing with water, the centrifugal pump is able to remove impurities from the oil, descend dirty liquid and separate solid and liquid. And the most obvious function of the centrifugal pump in oil drilling is to remove the unnecessary impurities to get crude oil without any impurities. In addition, it also can be used in treating underground water and other water resources to get the clear water, which is the expended application of the centrifugal pump apart from the main oil refining function due to centrifugal pump characteristics.

Generally, in order to make sure the quality and high speed of the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to operate it under high voltage and rated current. And the common working principle of the centrifugal pump is based on centrifugal accumulating and different density. Under some certain pressure, the liquid is able to enter into the centrifugal pump from the inlet, and then the strong rotation movement starts. Due to the different density of the impurities and solid and liquid, with the help of the centrifugal force, centripetal forces as well as fluid stop force, the liquid with lower density up ward and are expelled from the oil outlet while the impurities with larger density will be expelled from the shear pump on the bottom. And some fined particles that flow with the oil current will be screened by the second filter unit to realize the purpose of degritting to make sure the filter quality.

With the help of modern science and technology, the newly created centrifugal pump has more advanced filter device compared to the earlier version. And it is able to change the filter fineness so as to satisfy the demand of the users. This kind of centrifugal pump with filter unit similar to the VSM shaker has the centrifugal pump characteristics like high filtering speed, small installation space and is hard to leak even to some impurities with tiny particles as well as stable working condition. Under the limitation of some certain pressure, the larger the inlet pressure of the centrifugal pump is, the higher the filtering rate is. And for some oil drilling engineers, it is better to uses several drilling centrifugal pumps at the same time to meet the requirements of large scale drilling activity. And the most advanced centrifugal pump is able to work under any severe condition.

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