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The Bright Road of the Mud Gun

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Mud guns are using high-speed hydraulic Jet mixing mud mixer. Mud gun is mainly used to provide supplementary mixing or pre-mixed mud in the mud tanks, depending on the amount used, and tank size. Best used in tank corners prevent solids precipitate, Center of the agitator under the tank.

Function of drilling mud gun:

Role of drilling fluid is relying on the speed of the gun body nozzle flow, impact drilling fluid storage tank sedimentary solid phase at the end of his suspension. At the same time, when the Blender is down after a period of time, sedimentary solid buried when need to re-enable impeller, drilling fluids would remove agitator parts when starting resistance moment, which provide a reliable guarantee for the Blender works.

Types of mud gun:

Drilling fluids of high and low pressure, high pressure gun drilling pumps for liquid discharge tributary, pressure rating of 1~6MPa; low voltage centrifugal pump for liquid, pressure rating of 0.2~0.3MPa. How much should be decided according to the number of blenders.

Mud solid control system, mainly used in drilling mud circulation system, while the device can also be used with mud for drilling fluid shear pump, it is to prevent the mud in the mud precipitation tank in a dedicated facility, and drilling mud can effectively prevent mud in the mud tank corner precipitation. Drilling mud gun of simple structure, operational flexibility, ease of use is an ideal prevention of slurry sedimentation of solids control equipment.

The functions and the prospect of the mud solids control equipment

Solids control equipment is primarily used to control solid phase content in drilling fluids, drilling fluid circulation systems must be equipped with a drilling fluid purification device. Solid phase content in the drilling fluid increases will significantly reduce the mechanical speed of penetration, or even a drilling accident, significant increase in total drilling costs. Tests prove solid phase content in each lower 1%, drilling speed can raise 10% at least, and the smaller the particles on Stack Sizer, the effects of ROP is greater.

Effect of solids control equipment

1. Remove harmful solid phase to ensure drilling ongoing

2. Ensure the drilling safety and prevent accidents

3. Save energy and reduce consumption.

4. Reduce pollution and environmental protection

Composition of solid control equipment

1. Shaker, degassing device, desander, desilter

2. The centrifuge

3. Others:Sand shear pumps, mud pumps, mixers, mud guns, mortar guns, drilling fluid circulation tank dosing device

In recent years, domestic drilling liquid solid control equipment of theory research and manufacturing technology level are has larger of development, especially in theory research aspects, such as shaker of work principle, and cyclone of work principle, it has reached or near world advanced level, but homemade of solid controlled equipment in performance, life aspects and abroad solid controlled equipment has must gap, mainly is material, and processing technology, and processing precision and supporting using of General equipment (such as motor) of quality. There are still not have the High pressure (pressure 80MPa) and large (30L/s) solids control equipment.

There are a little shaker in China, so it need to speed up the breakdown of research and development of dry-type crawler non-Shaker, Shaker on the equipment, eco-friendly private solid control equipment for offshore drilling and the multifunctional solids control system suitable for a variety of conditions, abundant types of solids control equipment in China.

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