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The Brief Introduction of Plain Shaker Screen Together With Mongoose PT Screen

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The plain shaker screen have a simple structure, reliable, light weight, low noise, large capacity feeder, easy installation and maintenance, etc. The plain shaker screens are a kind of all ministry of structural vibration welded frame portion supported by the two rows of spring sit in the machine at the end. Swing sieves effectively simulate the effective principles of artificial screening exercise; meet all fine and ultra- fine powder materials range. Jaw gate using quality steel welded electric (electro-hydraulic) pusher, smooth operation and low failure rate, you can quickly cut off the feed stream. On the door, users should avoid to locate the trouble spots, easy to install. The plain shaker screens are suitable for sliding reciprocating linear motion, can be used for powder, grain materials, flow of granular materials and small pieces of materials.

Mongoose PT screen is a kind of similar machine.

It owns vibrating screens, mainly by injection molding steel frames or on the frames and tight bindings of two to three layers constituting the frame. The stainless steel mesh frames are made of high strength square steel tube frames or flat steel welded and strengthened with a number of support ribs, and mesh liners and metal frames can be combined, or directly bonded to the frames. Each screen comes with special rubber plugs which are used to repair.

Mongoose PT screens around the world are more than 75 countries with over 13, 000 clients, are an important part of the exploration and production industry machines for the world's oil and gas exploration.

Mongoose pt screen designs are of all onshore and offshore machines and management applications completing line of advanced balance elliptical and linear motion shakers. In high ROP application, Mongoose PT screens keep at bay solid, allowing you to perform drilling activities with maximum efficiency. Changes in drilling conditions require direct and flexible solids control solutions. Meanwhile, the increasingly stringent require the environmental constraints to be up-to -the-minute compliance as well as high cost of drilling with the need to restore the expensive base oil. In addition, a number of offshore and onshore locations with limited space are available technology requirements as compact as possible.

Mongoose PT screens meet all these requirements and more. Mongoose PT screens are provided in a small shaker area, high efficiency solids control options to adapt to changing drilling conditions and the efficient solids removal capacity.

Mongoose PT screens translate to lower the amount of waste, costs and downtime. More importantly, there are dry cuttings to reduce volume, reduce your impact on the environment and the associated coats. They are featured with elliptical motion progressive and balanced way. And the unique feeder assembly fluids scalping screen presented as a unified, low-impact curtain. Moreover, paper can be easily configured into a limited space to install various connection points, in which high-volume business models increase capacity and transfer rate increased fluid resuscitation efficient operating mode, discarding dry and screen life.

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