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The Brief Introduction of Mud Agitator

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The Functions of Mud agitator

Mud agitator under 5.5kw all adopts cycloidal reducer and also the mixing of oil drilling fluid due to compact structure and small footprint.. While, mud agitator above 7.5kw adopts the reduction drive of the turbine worm with a variety of advantages, such as big transmission torque, smooth operation, reliable work.

The Models of Mud Agitator

The common models of mud agitator are JBQ5.5, JBQ7.5, JBQ11 and JBQ15.

The Features of Mud Agitator

1. Mud agitator adopts worm gear units of hollow flank, the shaft section of which is circular cylindrical worm. The tooth profile of worm gear is the circle conjugating with the worm. As a result, the performance of convex-concave meshing is reliable, the efficiency is high and the structure is compact.

2. The combination of reducer and explosion-proof electric machine is convenient to maintain and adopts the usage under bad working conditions.

3. The intensify of stirring is high and the spreading rage is wide, which thereby reduce the starting resistance moment.

4. The electrical machine is placed in the horizon and it is convenient to install, adjust and upgrade mud agitator.

The Advantages of Mud Agitator

1. Different combinations of the gear boxes and blades can meet most machines’ needs.

2. The efficiency of mud agitator is very high in the deep and great containers.

3. Mud agitator can produce suitable shear force in accordance with the need of design.

4. Exposed with more contact of fluid and atmosphere, mud agitator can help to cool the fluid.

The Maintenances of Mud Agitator

1. Workers should use the table of 0-500v to check that the insulation resistance of three main cable core over the ground of the motor should not be less than 5v. The tramegger is prohibited to check the control of the cable in order to avoid damage the electrical components inside the driving blender, while multimeter is applied in the control of the cables.

2. The ground lead of mud agitator experts tips should be mottle(yellow/green) in order to ensure safety. The connection of ground leads should be firm and this lead should longer 50mm than other leads.

3. After the closing, workers should not immediately turn up the mud agitator, but poweron self test for mud agitator through the control system. If it happens any malfunctions(there are flashing light alarm or alarm), workers should check it and rule out the faults before initiating mud agitator. If the motor does not turn, workers should operate a switch quickly and decisively, check it and clear out faults to avoid damaging the electrical machine.

After the brief and detailed introduction of mud agitator experts tips, we believe that you will really know this machine---mud agitator more deeply.

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