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The Brief Introduction of Desander and Mud Gun

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The Mud gun is an equipment used to clean the sand and the drilling cuttings in the mud during the mud cleaning system before mud goes back to earth. The desander experts offer their tips that using a desander will largely increase the operation efficiency. The mud desander is divided into two kinds, mechanical desander and hydraulic desander. The mechanical mud desander is consist of vibrating screen. The mud construction will be destroyed when the mud go through the vibrating screen, so that the drilling cuttings and sand will be separated from the mud by the vibrating screen. And the hydraulic mud desander is consist of mud cyclone desander. At the beginning operation, it pumps the mud into a funnel container by sand pump. The mud is pumped to the container wall through a tangent line. So that the mud construction will be destroyed by the centrifuge rotating, and the mud will spill out from the up side of the container while the drilling cuttings and sands will go out through the down side of the container. The experts tips of the desander is that, the mud pumped by the mud gun will be cleaner so the mud gun won’t be blocked to effect the operation. And the desander experts offer another tip that the mud cyclone desander has a better sand separating effect than the vibrating screen and the mud cyclone desander is widely used in the deep drilling.

Then, we will give you more details about the King cobra screen, especially the CSQ series desanders. The CSQ series desander is the second solid control equipment in the solid control equipment processing drilling fluid. According to the different diameter of the cyclone machine, it can be divided into two types, the cyclone desander and the cyclone silt remover. And the customers can try different combination of the cyclone machine according to their requirement of the dealing capacity.

The drilling fluid desander produced by our company has been made better as we have overcome the weakness of the old grit removing technology when following the desander experts tips.  The cyclone desander is designed by the sedimentation principle of the particles. The separating medium--drilling fluid, forms a rated pressure and speed by the sand pump and come in the desander with spiral through the cyclone desaner wall.  So the larger particle will go out from the downside spiral by the force of centrifugal force and gravity and drop on the vibrating screen below to be separated. The other medium will go out and come to the third separating machine--silt remover to have another cleaning treatment from the upside spiral. There are many kinds of desander, and different desander has different function. The customers will need different desander because of their various requirements. In our company, we will offer professional consultation service for the clients to satisfy their needs.

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