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The Benefits of the Drilling Equipment

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The desilter developing trend can be seen from the recent market popularity of drilling equipment since the relative reaction is adequate in revealing the fact that oil drilling solid is almost completely stripped from the final products even though the products of the separation will be serious under the action of the surface active agent. Therefore, we may say that the drilling equipment will lead to more efficient separation in the drilling equipment as well as the increase of oil yield so that under the considerations of separation efficiency and total cost, appropriate mass fraction of the oil separation reagent is around five percent if we investigate deeply into the desilter developing trend as well as the impact of different extracting time by changing the operating temperature as well as the mass fraction of the extracting agent in the mass ratio. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the test results without any doubt also show that after thirty minutes in the drilling equipment, the oil yield tends to stop to increase because the separation of the oil sand begins when the separation reagents are mixed into oil sand mortar and the separation process mainly depends on the mixing effect within a short period of time as long as the drilling equipment is attached to the grain of sand closely.

In spite of the fact that the separation time might be extended in some cases, the oil asphalt can be fully heated and the sticky degrees will be reduced according to the Solid control equipment developing trend, which makes it is easier for the drilling equipment to split the drilling solids from the grain of sand under the conditions of relatively high operation temperature and adequate mixing. Thanks to the fact that he oil sand in the drilling equipment can be fully evicted from the sand surface for about half an hour or within a even shorter time since during the industrial production, the separation time in the drilling equipment needs to be determined in the first place in the experiment due to the difference of the oil mixing conditions and the product requirements. According to scientific research results, this is because the amount of the reagents in the drilling equipment is too small and cannot contact with each other so as to lead to inadequate reaction between the reagents and the oil sand, which is not conducive to the separation in the drilling equipment or the oil sand mortar with a small amount of the reagents. On the other hand, if too many reagents are added, the drilling equipment water consumption as well as the chemicals to be used in the treatment will increase.

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