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The Basic Work Principle of Sand Pump

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Sand pump is widely used in the field of mining, drilling and other industries. The machine can be dated to the 17th Century. With the rapid development of technology, for now the sand pump has become one of the most important instruments in mining sites. From a technical view, sand pump is a kind of special centrifugal mud pump. Generally, people use sand pump to transmit the mixed liquids with grits, mineral waste residue and the like. Thus, sand pump are playing more and more important role in mining today. Here’s some information about how sand pump works and how to select the suitable kind of sand pumps.

There is a core motor to make the fluids flows sharply, which transfer the mechanical energy to the kinetic energy of the mixed fluids. The impeller of motor will continuously keep rotating at a very high speed, leading to produce a strong pressure to the fluids. As a result, the mixed liquids keep running out of the machine with a lot of energy. People can utilize the high-speed fluids to flush the placer effectively. In fact, Chinese people had used the similar method of mining to exploit the placer. According to a record in the history literatures, in the year of 1673, some Chinese people utilize the alpine natural water sources to help mining. Compared with other mining instruments, sand pump has a lower cost. Besides, it’s easier to fix and maintain. People can acquire the considerable productivity while invest less money into the construction of the mining site if they apply the suitable sand pumps. In the other hand, the fluids with huge energy can not only help mining, but also convey the ores. Actually, you can easily find that a great many of Chinese workers are using this kind of method to transport the ores without much electricity consumption.

Anyway, there’re some critical points you need to pay much attention to when selecting the sand pump as the instrument in your mining or drilling site. First, you should select the reputable producers such as Chengdu West Petroleum Equipment, which has a long history of producing the heavy machinery. Because the abrasion will apparently increase since the mining work begins, so it’s really important to know the normal working life of the machine in case of the situation that you have to slow down the progress of operation because of the wrong behavior of the machines. Furthermore, you need select the appropriate the category of sand pump. Normally, you need to compare with the engine power of the different sand pumps and make the best decision according to the project scale.

On the basis of basic introduction above, we can clearly see that it’s quite important to understand the details of the sand pump before buying and operating.

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