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The Basic Structure and Usage of Sand Pump

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The liquid is absorbed into from the middle of the impeller, under the high-speed rotating of impeller, the liquid through the channel in the impeller, and with the action of centrifugal force to gain energy constantly, then through the volute, some parts of it changed into pressure output. Now let us discuss the centrifugal pump lift and influencing factors through the analysis of the impeller velocity vector, which can help us to know the working principle structure of the centrifugal pump. Liquid movement of the impeller in the centrifugal pump is a little complex, and there are two main ways. The one is liquid rotates with the impeller, the other one is liquid through the surface of the impeller, from the direction of the entrance flow to the exit.

Sand pump is only one kind of application of the centrifugal pump. In fact, sand pump is a traditional name. It is mainly used in the industries of mining, coal, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy and so on. Usual sand pump is used in environmental protection, dredging, channel cleanout and so on. This series of sand pump mainly consists of ES or G series. In addition, there are a lot of types of pump called sand pump, such as SB sand pump in oil field, and PS sand pump used on mining and so on.

Now, let’s talk about the basic structure of sand pump. ES series sand pumps are horizontal, single pump shell of centrifugal pump. The usage of special card hoop to clamp pump body and pump cover, the direction of the pump output can install and use easily at any location under 360 degrees. Bearing assembly of sand pump is used cylinder structure, it is easy to adjust the gap between the impeller and the pump body, which can be dismantled when maintenance. There are shaft seal forms, the impeller seal and mechanical seal of sand pump packing seal. It is wide of the sand pump flow channel, with good characteristic curve, high efficiency and resistance to abrasion. Transmission ways mainly contains v-belt transmission, gear reducer drive, variable frequency drives and so on. All of these material of flow components is used by wear-resistant alloy cast iron with high hardness.

To make the pump run in the best condition with the usage of a variety of speed and a variety of forms. It can meet most kinds or poor transport conditions with long service life and high operating efficiency.

The application of sand pump is mainly adopted in many fields like water supplying. Hydraulic mining needs a lot of water; there are some ways of supplying water, such as gravity, mechanical pressure and combined method. In order to save water, stope water used mainly from the mill tailings pool site.

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