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The Applications of the Desander

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Where needs desander or what are the applications of the desander is what we should learn well in the middle of using the desander. The major applications of the desander are oil drilling and water system. The strong separation ability is able to separate solids such as grits or sands from the liquid. With more and more oilfields being developed, the grits or sands in the oil are increased unceasingly. Therefore, the usage of the desander is more important.

As a matter of fact, any industry that has the need to separate liquid from solid needs the desander. With the advancement of science and technique, the desander is suitable to more and more industries. However, the most popular and wide usage of the desander both in China and foreign countries is oil exploration and oil drilling to filter the grit and sand and water in the crude oil.

Where needs desander? Both in domestic or foreign countries, the desander with different types have been used to explore oilfields. As for domestic oilfields, the wellhead desander and filter desander are the most popular desanders. The wellhead desander has close structure. The wellhead desander is equipped with several cyclone separators to defense higher design pressure. Some wellhead cyclone desander is designed with manual operation and automatic operation to achieve the goal of recycling the crude oil and protect the environment. The filter desander has adjustable filter screen, which can be changed according to the size of the grit or sand. And the filter desander can be divided into two kinds according to the filter material. Whether there is has in the liquid is the key to distinguish the different filter desander.

There are mainly two kinds of desanders that are used in foreign oilfields, the filter desander as well as screen desander. And the cyclone desander is the most popular kind. In America and former Soviet Union, the cyclone desander has been widely utilized in oil exploration and oil and gas gathering and transferring. The cyclone desander mainly consists of cyclone and storage tank on the bottom. Under the function of centrifugal force, the crude oil including water and sand is separated according to different density. The separated oil is discharged from the oil exit pipe, while the sand with heavy weight enters into the storage tank and discharged at regular intervals. Both of the separated oil and sands and water will be filter a second time to avoid the resource waste.

The filter desander is a horizontal type. There is a baffle plate on the entrance to avoid the fluid impacting the filter elements, which is beneficial to the separation of the oil and sands. And the outlet has the function that avoids the liquid flow being gasified, having an effect on the filter efficiency. And when the desander is blocked, the pressure controller is able to open the control valve to avoid the discharged oil return back into the desander.

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