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The Application of the Shale Shaker

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At first, we should know the operation principle of the shale shaker . The shale shaker makes the materials on the shale shaker’s cover move to the exhaust end at a speed so as to screen the materials. Compared with the other griddle, both the productive efficiency and screening efficiency of the shale shaker are higher. As the ordinary griddle is poor in dynamic balance, it won’t be chosen in the mine selecting industry. On the contrary, the construction of the shale shaker is more reasonable so the shale shaker used for dredging slurry separation is much wider in the industry.

The operation features of the shale shaker are as the follows. First, the shale shaker uses the block eccentric power as the vibration force which can vibrate strongly. Second, the beam and the screen box of the shale shaker are linked together with high strength bolt. The structure of the shale shaker is simple so it will be convenient to maintain the screener. The shale shaker adapts the small amplitude of vibration, high frequency and the structure of large angle of inclination, so the shale shaker has the higher screening efficiency, large handling capacity, longer using time, low electricity consumption and small noise.

As the application of the shale shaker, it is widely used in almost every aspect in our living life and the process and the production of the materials. The shale shaker is mainly applied in the industry of mining, coal, metallurgy, construction materials, fire resistance materials, light industry, chemistry, medicine drugs and food. And the shale shaker used for dredging slurry separation is mainly in dressing plant. And the shale shaker can be classified into four types according to the construction of the drive motor, the eccentric vibration shale shaker, inertia vibrating screen, self-fixed center shale shaker and Resonance bask.

Then, let’s come to the practical application of the shale shaker except for shale shaker used for dredging slurry separation. The screening is separating the particle and powder into different size. In the high handling capacity, the shale shaker with high performance can separate the over large particle and the over small particle rapidly. The shale shaker can eliminate the insoluble solid matter in any kinds of liquids quickly and continuously. And what is the screening principle of the shale shaker? The power is conveyed to the main driving axle of the vibration generator, the gear vibration generator from the v belt to realize the rotation with same speed of the three axles. By the rotation of the axles, vibration is developed, so the shale shaker will move elliptically when the vibration exciter and the screen box are linked with high strength bolt. And then, the materials will move elliptically rapidly on the screen cover so the material can be separated accordingly.

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