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The Advantages of the Shear Pump

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The shear pump is a kind of machine that is utilized to cut the polymeride and clay, which has been used and proved on site. In the system of drilling fluid, the clay should enter into the drilling fluid system after fully cutting. After that, it is able to fully give play to its efficiency to improve the performance of the drilling fluid. If the clay has not been fully sheared, the polumeride will block the vibrating screen during the first circulation, which will damage lots of polymeride and increase the cost of drilling. In addition, it will harden the solid particles in large size in the drilling fluid. The fish eyes are easy to created the clay has not been fully sheared. These fish eyes will do harm to the earth layer decreasing the in-place permeability and hydrocarbon zone.

The shear pump is able to offer cut in high intensity to make the high molecular polymer to fast hydrate, which addressing the existed prominent problems because the clay has not been hydrated well in the drilling fluid or completion fluid. In addition, the use of the shear pump is able to decrease over 15% dosage of the polymer and 30% dosage of swell soil at the same time, both of them ae higher than that of the mission pump . And it can promote the damage of mud cake and liquid flow and lessen the shearing specific speed of the drilling fluid, improving the strength of the jelly, which has reached the advanced level of foreign countries. And its oil seal structure is more reliable with better performance and more easy use and maintenance.

Another reason why to choose the shear pump is the functions of the shear pump.

First of all, the shear pump is able to improve the extent of hydration of the particles. And the dispersion and hydration level of the earth particles in the water depends on the quality, time as well as temperature of the electrolyte in the water. In addition, the shear pump is able to shear and dilute and hydrate the polymers. The molecular weight of the high molecular polymer in the mud is a little bit high, so when adding it to the water directly, it is hard to hydrate. Therefore, it is necessary to shear the high polymer in advance.

And the shear pump is able to offer high working speed to improve the process of attenuation and hydration of the polymers. What’s more, the shear pump can provide higher displacement and lift, which can meet the requirements of compounding and disposing the mud. And the shear pump is a kind of new equipment which can offer fast preparation and mud disposal, satisfying the need to compound mud with good performance. Under the condition of severe market competition of the drillings, shortening the time of mud preparation will bring favorable economic benefits for industries.

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