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The Advantages of New De-1000 Decanter Centrifuge

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When oil drilling operators decide to buy solid control equipment , they might as well consider such factors as real time simulation, operator interaction and parametric solids description. To be more specific, real time simulation limits refer to the available computer time while operator interaction means the solid control equipment operators have to pay attention to all values of panel inputs, solids inflow, mud flow rate, etc. And parametric solids description means solid control equipment has to adapt to all kinds of oil well geometries and other well data.

Another factor that needs to be considered when operators buy solid control equipment is the oil drilling rate. In general, the depth of the hole tends to increase along with the drilling rate which is calculated from rather complicated and detailed equations. As a matter of fact, the oil drilling rate mainly depends on the rotary speed, the weight of the bit on the bottom of the oil well bottom, and the wear of the drill bit teeth. The mud circulation rate and the pressure of solids on the bottom hole should also be taken into consideration when operators make their minds to buy solid control equipment.

This is because the pressure of solids in the well are calculated from basic hydrostatic and friction pressure loss equations and can be complicated by the general geometry of the oil well. What is more, the possible presence of solids to the formations or fluid inflow from zones where the pressure is high. Therefore, it might be safe to draw a conclusion that the solid pressures depend on the distribution of solids in the oil well, the circulation rate of the drilling mud, the position of the drill string and velocity, and the rate of loss to the formations. Scientific studies have proved that the drilling rate decreases with the rock hardness in the bottom of the oil well and increases with the rotary speed. In addition, both a dulled bit and insufficient bit will slow down the solids control process.

The classic de-1000 decanter centrifuge is designed on the basis of the combination use of crusher and hydraulic press, which is still in use at present in many oil drilling practices. However, the traditional de-1000 decanter centrifuge model does not permit the processing of the drilled oil in a continuous manner and the transformation costs relating to it have been rather high owing to the elevated labor requirements and the excessive expenses. Therefore, new types of de-1000 decanter centrifuge have been developed and introduced to the industry and have proved to have positive influences on the oil outputs. Above all, because of the elimination of frequent contaminations that would occur in classic de-1000 decanter centrifuge, advanced models can avoid the production of declassed oil produced in the first place.

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