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The Advantages of Magnetically Coupled Mission Pump

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The inlet of mission pump comes into the middle of the impeller. In general, there are several stages of the Mission pump working procedures. Thus, a high component of force is developed to move the liquid outwards. Then the liquid is contained by the round recess in the housing until it is able to exit through the exit channel to the Mission pump outlet. After that, Mission pump will take this outlet flow to another stage of the pump where another round recess is required and the impeller is mounted to the same shaft. However, this procedure is not isolated by a shaft seal and further pressure is added to the liquid flow, which is designed to overcome the considerable depth in the oil drilling rigs and the pressure loss due to gravity. High quality Mission pump is equipped with a heavy duty shaft protected by a stainless steel shaft sleeve.

It combines reliability with low operating costs with the help of powerful motors as well as the double row outboard bearings. And it would eliminate the possibility of product contamination from lubricants used for dynamic joints. Some Mission pump manufacturers not only offer a complete line of for a variety of applications in cast iron and stainless steel but also grant five-year or longer product warranty. What is more, they also provide a comprehensive offering of replacement parts and wear components of the Mission pump thanks to the universal industry standards for quality, availability and affordability

Magnetically coupled Mission pump is also named as magnetic drive pumps, which is innovative and largely different from the conventional pumps used in the oil drilling industry. It has the following Mission pump advantages: magnetically coupled Mission pump is cast one piece and its back vanes can reduce collection of solids greatly.

Magnetically coupled Mission pump has no drive seals so the possibility of leaks is completely eradicated, which means that hazardous liquids can be pumped without spillages. What is more, it is marked by near zero leakage, long life, thicker, and stronger concentric casings. More importantly, single row roller bearings help to increase the bearing life and magnetically coupled Mission pump is easily accessible front access drain. This is simply because the motor of the magnetically coupled Mission pump is coupled to the pump by magnetic means rather than by a direct mechanical shaft. For example, it is at times seen in the chemical or nuclear industry where the fluids might be poisonous or in the oil drilling industry where the petroleum is inflammable. What is more, since the magnetically coupled Mission pump shaft is not supported by outside bearings, support inside the pump is provided by bushings. Therefore, the volume of the processing fluids might be linked with the materials of these bushings.

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