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The Advantages of Centrifugal Pump

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With the increasing demand of oil resource, the oil drilling industry is experiencing prosperous development, leading to the development of the oil drilling tools such as centrifugal pump and stack sizer. However, why the centrifugal pump is so popular among oil drilling industries and why to choose centrifugal pump for most users?

The main reason of why to choose centrifugal pump is due to the advantages of the centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump possesses simple and compact structure. And as for the same deliver value, the centrifugal pump has little occupation space and light weight, leading to less material consumption. And it has low requirements to the basic requirements, so it has less manufacturing and installing cost. In addition, the centrifugal pump is able to operate with high speed by using direct connection of several eletromotor, leading to easy installation of the transmission device. And there is no valve inside of the centrifugal pump, so it is suitable for deliver suspension liquid. And the special design also is able to deliver suspension liquid with large solid. And it is able to manufacture the centrifugal pump with materials that have chemical corrosion performance. And another advantage of the centrifugal pump is that it has simple structure, few components, less fault, long service period, convenient management as well as reliable working. And the output quality of the centrifugal pump can be adjusted by discharging valve arbitrarily. And there is no impulse phenomenon due to uniform tap.

However, another reason of why to choose centrifugal pump is the future development of the centrifugal pump. The present development of the centrifugal pump has its own disadvantages. Before running, it is possible to make the pump full of liquid. And it is not suitable for delivering small volume and large pressure head, which makes the centrifugal pump has low efficiency and limited performance. Facing incomplete design and wrong operation, it is easy to influence the next step. And the incorrect installation is easy to cause air bind phenomenon. And its working efficiency is much lower than that of the piston pump. In order to solve these problems, the centrifugal pump is developing greatly. Therefore, the future of the centrifugal is hopeful and bright, which is the reason of why to choose centrifugal pump.

The centrifugal pump is a kind of necessary device in oil drilling industry. And it is going to play more and more important role in oil drilling industry. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the centrifugal pump. And its unique features and incomparable advantages make the centrifugal pump popular among all kinds of oil drilling devices and those factors are the main reasons of why to choose centrifugal pump.

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