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Swirler is Important in Solid Control System

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Swirler is common classificatory equipment whose working principle is centrifugal sedimentation. When the two phase separated (or three) are mixed with some pressure from the surrounding cyclone tangentially into the cyclone, later produced strong three-dimensional elliptic strong rotational shear turbulence movement. Because coarse particles (or heavy phase) and the fine particles (or light phase) exist the difference between the size (and poor density), which is subjected to the different of centrifugal force, the buoyancy of the heart, the size of fluid drag force.

Influenced by centrifugal sedimentation, large coarse part (or the heavy phase) through the cyclone underflow discharge port, however, most fine particles (or light phase) are discharged from the overflow tube, so as to achieve the purpose of separation of classification. Most specifically, the basic principle is that the cyclone having a density difference between the liquid - liquid, liquid - solid, liquid - gas or the like in the two-phase or multi-phase mixture is separated by centrifugal force., The mixture with the pressure through a tangential entries the swirler. Cyclone generates high-speed rotation of the cylindrical cavity flow field. High density component of the mixture at the same time under the effect of swirl flow field axially downwardly, radically outward movement, reaching the cone section downwardly along the wall by the end of the discharge orifice. This forms the outer vortex flow field while small density component moves to the center axis, and forms the vortex upward movement in the axial center. Then is discharged from the overflow, thus achieves the purpose of the two-phase separation.

Knowing the working principle of swirler, but how to work with swirler and then control the solid control system is really important. The working process of swirler is as follows:

1. Before the start of the cyclone unit test, workers should make sure that all connections are tight and remove the pipe, tank crew in a variety of residues, so the car has leaked and clogging. Put into operation to ensure that the valve is fully open cyclone.

2. Valve can be fully opened (such as running a cyclone) or fully closed (e.g. spare cyclone), but never allowed in a semi- open state (i.e., never allows the valve to control the flow) .

3. If possible, please test with water. Cyclone feed can be pumped or high slot manner. If the pump and cyclone throughput match, the gauge shows a constant reading. To ensure that the gauge readings fluctuate, you need to check the cause significant fluctuations. Equipment required working in not more than 0.3MPa pressure.

4. Equipment running smoothly at normal pressure, the amount of leakage to check the connection point, to take remedial action when necessary.

5. The residue was checked into the cyclone caused by blockage. Cyclone overflow will clog the inlet flow reduction and grit, grit cyclone grit port plug will reduce or even stop the flow, sometimes violently shake. If blocked, workers should promptly close cyclone feed valve, remove the blockage. To prevent clogging, the group hydro cyclone feed tank can be added to prevent precipitation of coarse material and debris because the facilities (such as addition crumbs sieve), while parking in a timely manner when the feed tank drained to prevent car again, concentration is too high and cause blockage accident.

6. Water tests confirmed the device was running well, you can enter the slurry operation.

Generally speaking, after the working principle and working progress are known, the swirler plays a profoundly important role in the solid control system so that the swirler needs accurate and careful care. The better care the swirler has, the longer life and more efficient work the swirler has so that the solid control system has a longer life and more efficient work.

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