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Spray Pump Is a Utility Tool for Drilling Oil

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As we all know, spray pump and shear pump are two important tools in process of drilling oils, people should use it properly.

Spray pump is a very important part of an automobile diesel engine. Spray pump is usually composed of fuel injection pump. Spray pump assembly a governor and other parts together to form a whole. The governor is the guarantee of diesel engine running at low speed and the limitation on the maximum speed; make sure to keep a certain relationship between injection quantity and speed of parts. And spray pump is one of the most important parts of diesel engine, is regarded as "heart" of the diesel engine parts, once it's out of the question makes the whole diesel engine work properly.

Spray pump plunger are the key parts of the. If the common syringe to hospital for metaphor, removable plug is known as the plunger, needle tube is called a plunger sleeve, assume that at the top of the needle Jane to install a spring inside the plunger end, plunger contact the other end of the camshaft, a week when the camshaft rotating, plunger will move up and down inside the plunger sleeve once, this is the basic movement of spray pump plunger.

Spray pump and plunger sleeve is processing precision of parts. Spray pump body has a sloping groove, hole called suction plunger sleeve, the suction is full diesel, when the piston tilt slot on the suction, diesel oil into the plunger sleeve. Spray pump is top of the camshaft to a certain height, the plunger inclined slot and suction stagger, suction is closed, the diesel can neither suction nor crushed out, oppression diesel plunger continues to rise, diesel oil pressure to a certain extent will top out into the open check valve nozzle, again from the nozzle into the cylinder combustion chamber.

Spray pump would like to point out here, and you should know the diesel engine has oil inlet and return pipe, inlet pipe is not difficult to understand, so what return pipe used for? Original spray pump every time out of a certain amount of diesel, only a portion of sprayed into the cylinder, the rest go by the oil return hole leakage, and use the increase and decrease the oil drain away to adjust the fuel injection quantity. When column fortress to move down, after the "check point" spray pump inclined slot will meet with suction, diesel and sucked into plunger sleeve, repeat the above action. In-line spray pump for each group corresponds to a cylinder piston system; there are four groups of four cylinder piston system, so the volume is bigger, use in medium or more cars. Such as buses and trucks as with in-line diesel engine on the spray pump. It uses two groups of plunger system (or a group of plunger system) pressure, diesel oil into each nozzle respectively. The plunger also rotates, because the bumps on the ring put pressure on plunger, the plunger play as the role of spray pump sends to the impeller in the middle of the oil hole pressure diesel, then sent out of diesel is filled with distributor at the entrance, then according to the order of each cylinder injection.

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