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Something about the Shaker Screen Importers

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The pharmaceutical industry is closely related to people's relationship with the body, therefore, the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry is very strict. Pharmaceutical industry filter material is also very strict, basic vibration shaker screen importers used in the pharmaceutical industry must be 304 or 304 stainless steel, does not allow access to certain material containing impurities, as a result, rubber parts, also must meet the health standard for food grade (silica gel), and the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry brant screen equipment used must pass GMP production standards. Bottles for pharmaceutical, have very strict requirements, must accord with standard of GMP pharmaceutical industry, whether the call will be contaminated with drug through a sieve.

Frequently check the coarse mesh, mesh and spring deprived of fatigue and injury, the fuselage parts damaged due to shaking; the part of the essential to add the lubricating oil must be lubrication.

Vibration: there are numerous screen surface mesh king cobra screen surface specifications size feed particle size capacity motor shaking frequency and two breadths of these data, power can make search vibrating screen people have a more profound understanding.

1, the problematic of periodic review sieve shaker found shaker should be mended. Shaker repair including timely adjustment belt tautness, belt replacement, replacement of worn pad screen surface and a longitudinal section, checking spring replacement, spare of bearings, transmission gears and seals, replacement of damaged bolts, repair damaged mongoose pt screen frame members, etc.

2, the Mongoose PT screen frame and side beams should avoid stress concentration, shaker is not allowed to impose welded on these components. Shaker cracking should be replaced for the next beam, side discovered crack damage, should be promptly drilled 5mm hole in the end of the crack, then add strengthening plates cracking site. Exciter disassembly, repair and assembly should be full-time staff in a clean place.

3, after the demolition inspection shaker Rolling wear, check the gear tooth surface vibrating screen, vibrating screen to check each component connection, the shaker cleaning the lubrication circuit box to make it smooth, clear shaker attachment surface of each combination, shaker replace all seals and other damaged parts.

Follow the closure of the station: loss of material on the shaker screen importers. When endanger personal safety or equipment in sedimentary classic cut the poor of the region more Mongoose PT screen, large area of the screen is broken, choked cylindrical King cobra screen, vibrating screen box and other serious abnormalities.

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