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Something About Oilfield Shale shaker

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Since there are a range of centrifugal pump types, the centrifugal pump application may vary from one another even though there is a lot in common in their working principles. It is widely known that the centrifugal pump is one of the most used pumps in the world mainly because it has been used for many years and its working principle is simple and well tested over the years. In recent years, thanks to the technological improvements of the centrifugal pump, it becomes more robust as well as effective while the centrifugal pump price is on the decrease, which makes the pump even more popular than before.

In general, on the basis of the basic centrifugal pump principles, there is a wide range of variations even though the centrifugal pump mainly consists of basic hydraulic parts and the flow inside it is three dimensional. To be more specific, depending on the position of the centrifugal pump cross section line, a single or double swirling will occur in the pump volute whose development provides detailed centrifugal pump information concerning the distribution of pressure and velocity, which can be calculated and recorded through experiments. As a matter of fact, the continuity and momentum of centrifugal pump is of great importance since it is a unique technique of compressibility and the volume approach can be applied for space order modification. In addition, centrifugal pump is often constructed upon a straight pipe so as to lead the fluid into the impeller.

The above mentioned calculations in general take place at three different stages and each of them corresponds to the mass flow of the centrifugal pump so that the volute conditions can be measured by the static pressure and total pressure in the swirling components which are located at a variety of positions. After that, different centrifugal pump applications will be compared with in terms of the data in detail to see if they exhibit a good agreement with the flow fields in different conditions. What is more, since most centrifugal pump follows the principles of the hydraulic components that are related to the inline fluids moving from the inlet flange to the outlet flange since the centrifugal pump is connected to an entire piping system via flanges whose design depends on the centrifugal pump applications. For instance, some centrifugal pump does not have inlet flange because it is not mounted on a

pipe but fuses with the piping system and guides the fluid to the impeller directly. Therefore, we may say that the inlet design is determined by the centrifugal pump application and mainly includes inline inlet, single suction inlet, and double suction inlet.

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