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Some details of Desander Working Principle

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Due to the impeller blade of desander will slop upward and when it rotates, it will make pool sewage as a spiral motion. In addition, sewage enters consistently with the impeller rotation to swirl in the pool formation of volute flow of sewage. Under the condition of proper blade with a particular angle and linear velocity, the water in the sand will be subject to the settlement of scour and it can still maintain the best effect. And the adhesion on the sand of the organic matter with high levels of materials will flow vortex pool with water. Besides, due to the impeller rotation, the desander reduces the cyclone pool flow caused by water inflow changes the sensitive degree, thus you should ensure stable effect of grit chamber and sand production of low organic composition.

Hydrocyclone desanding pool equipment like desander is the corollary equipment. The hydrocyclone desanding pool is one of the important processing units in wastewater pretreatment which is mainly used for the removal of inclusions in the sewage of solid impurities such as sand. Effective protection sewage treatment obeys the follow-up process equipment. At the same time it can make the sand separated from the surface of organic pollutants.

The desander working principle system consists of GRV hydrocyclone desanding pool equipment, air pumpor sand pump, shaftless spiral sand and water separator with gas pipeline and the sand line. Hydrocyclone desanding pool device includes desander pool body, working bridge, transmission device, blade and air lift device, etc.

There are two main ways of desander pool body at present at home and abroad. One is bell type sand pool and another is sand pool. Sewage at a certain velocity of tangential goes into desander pool and sand under the action of centrifugal force and gravity will be along the cylindrical wall rotate 270 degrees spiral accelerated decline through the wall of a certain slope sand. After the separation of the sewage, it goes through the rotation of the paddle and comes into the next process. The air pump or pump power will be cleaned, stripping between sand and the sand on the surface of the organic material in the organic matter. Sand enters through the air pump (or sand pump), and through the sand and water separator to separate the back out, so as to realize the separation of sand and water.

The main characteristic of desander focuses on the following several points.

1. The pool with tangential inlet under the action of centrifugal force and gravity has high settling efficiency.

2. Small volume, high surface load and big capacity.

3. In addition to the sand pool by vortex grit chamber of the upper and lower sets of sand bucket, the settling process is not affected by water.

4. It adopts high speed reducer and it can adapt to different water and sand content.

5. The sand can use gas stripping or pump and wide selection.

6. The whole system can adopt PLC central control and continuous automatic operation in 24 hours.

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