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Some Vacuum Degasser Experts Tips You Need to Know

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Due to economic reasons, jack-up vacuum degasser experts tips drilling platform began to rise, coastal drilling contractor recognized the work of 40 feet or deeper water lifting system cost than sitting hearth boat is much lower. Jack up rig’s legs can be raised and lowered when not drilling, legs elevated platform sat the water, tugboats dragged the platform work area, sand pump and then the leg drop out into the sea, and then pressurized, the platform rises to a certain height, from tidal, wave and surge effects, to drilling. In 1954, the first jack-up drilling rigs, “Dillon One," the advent of 12 cylindrical legs. Then a few vacuum degasser experts’ tips are multi- legged. Made in 1956, " Adams Kauppi number" platform is the first three -leg jack up platform, along with a motor drive pinion rack lift the hull pile legs, leg of × frame. 1957 produced “Fidel II" is a platform with a mat and four cylindrical pile legs. With the improvement of drilling technology on a drilling platform can play a lot of wells and drilling platforms without moving, especially offshore development wells? Thus, there is a fixed platform development. Fixed platform is to establish permanent drilling platforms, mostly steel, piling, and then rose out of the sea; also some cement structure. So far the deepest water depth is fixed platform "Cognac", it stands at 318 meters offshore Louisiana deep-water work

Currently the world's offshore oil exploration and vacuum degasser experts tips development focused on the near edge of the land known as part of the mainland. China is one of the world's most wide continental shelf continental shelves, with a total area of 4.73 million square kilometers. According to polyurethane screen experts, only the continental shelf is estimated oil reserves of about 250 million tons, 8 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. According to 1994 data, China's maritime collected 570,000 km of seismic lines, inquire about the well 363, discovered 88 oil and gas structures, access to geological reserves of 1.188 billion tons of oil, natural gas geological reserves of 180 billion cubic meters, the annual output reached 6.47 million tons.

For underwater platform member role, whether vertical or horizontal, are due to the action of the wave crest and trough of the impact, and therefore how to select the shape and scale underwater member, so interference wave power is minimized, reducing the platform on the motion of the waves and the anchor of cyclic loading, is one of the topics of tension leg platform. Focus generally high tension leg platform, a low center of buoyancy, requiring non- anchored case metacentric height is positive, have requested vacuum degasser experts tips the metacentric radius or moment of inertia of a large water plane, so that when a serious accident on the platform, being able to float on water. Required to achieve this goal, it is imperative column designed thicker, so the platform is bound to make waves in motion in response to large. There is also a very fine design of the sand pump column, although metacentric height may be negative, but in the role of anchor tension is stable. This platform in response to the wave motion is small, the cost may be lower, but the security hearing.

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