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Some Tips of Mud Gun

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In the modern society, nearly all the industries cannot operate without energy such as oil, gas and so on. People’s life has changed a lot since the Industrial Revolution. At the same time, our demand for fossil fuels has kept rising sharply for many years. A mature and complete solid control system has been invented, which can effectively clear the drilling fluids. As we all know, people need to pump a kind of chemical solutions called drilling fluids or mixed liquids into underground in order to improve the output. There’re several apparent advantages of drilling fluids. First, the drilling fluids can convey many drilling cuttings out of the borehole. Besides the service span of the drilling bit can be prolonged for the reason that the drilling fluids can lubricate it. Because of the high price of the drilling fluids, it’s quite important to recycle and pump drilling fluids again and again and that’s why people need the solid control system.

Generally speaking, the drilling fluids will be accumulated and processed by mud agitator firstly. In order to improve the stirring effect, engineers always select some types of mud gun according to practical demands. Mud gun is a special device which can flush liquids fiercely. Most mud gun is designed with three sprayers. Normally the mud gun is installed in the corner of the bottom of the mud tank while the impellers will be installed in the middle of the bottom. Thus the mud gun can flush some dead angle that impellers cannot touch, which can completely keep the solids suspended.

By the corporation of mud gun and mud agitator, the devices can nearly prevent all the solids in the drilling fluids from precipitation. Compared to the mud agitator, the mud gun has a simpler structure and smaller size, meaning that workers can fix, replace and transfer it easily. Additionally, even fresh workers can learn how to install and operate mud gun quickly because of its simple structure. There are a variety of mud guns in the market. Hence, you need to make the best decision according to the practical conditions. For example, there’re two main types of mud guns having different pressure power.

Some people may think choosing the one which can support the highest pressure is always the best choice. However, this kind of “lazy idea” can really improve the efficiency of the system. At the same time, the cost of the instruments will be increased significantly. Deciding where to buy mud guns is also an annoying headache. Well you had better visit some standard company’s site to know the current market information. Here is one of the most famous producers of mud guns, which perhaps may give you some tips. “

On the basis of introduction above, we can clearly see that choosing a suitable types of mud can only improve the disposition effect, but also lower the maintain cost.

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