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Some Tips for Desilter Manufacturers

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State of circulating drilling fluid cleaning system research has less solids control, mud desilter impact the quality of the key fundamental issues of intensive theoretical and less experimental research, and practice by summarizing experiences are more difficult to form a mass of mud desilter greater impact on results. Prior to the introduction of new products, it lacks of adequate laboratory validation. Domestic desiter, the lack of a special structure type shaker, shaker as dry detail, crawler non- vibrating sieve analysis equipment.

Since the common equipment and materials, processing technology, there are different degrees of quality problems, so the performance with foreign equipment have a certain gap, but also on the equipment life is shorter than the same products abroad. With domestic drilling crew addition of the slurry is less mud, not universal, and thus cleaning is not satisfactory, so that the performance of the mud desilter drilling fluid is not sufficiently exhibited, resulting in reducing the efficiency of waste. In recent years, efforts by force domestic hydro cyclone research has made significant breakthroughs, but the level of technology and the development of special materials such as corrosion resistance needs to be improved and enhanced.

Mud desilters are designed to improve our drilling control for the level of circulating liquid-solid phase cleaning system, equipment must examine the characteristics and special requirements of various types of oilfield, a careful analysis of the structure in the form of advanced foreign equipment and the design and manufacture through experience, the introduction of high technology, carry forward the spirit of innovation, research for the difficulties one by one. Through continuous efforts to make the kind of domestic solid control equipment gradually complete, technical performance and reliability of the indicators continue to provide high to accommodate the needs of our fields and enter the international market.

Foreign desilter importers status of foreign solids control equipment levels, quality and performance in the first in the world, its standardization, serialization and high specialization. In the mud desilter design, they made a lot of improvements in recent years, mainly reflected in the high-frequency detail shaker drive, shaker screen taut way, cross-sectional shape of the flow channel inlet swirl, spin up and down stream areas cone and lining materials. And it has been widely used, which makes a higher degree of refinement of the drilling fluid, more stable performance.

Commonly used in the mongoose pt screen taut in two ways, one is another transverse bolt tension -type, one is bonding pressure plate. Completely run out of the domestic scene common longitudinal tension -type roll, lateral taut have performed blank screen for the channel to hold back, then horizontal adjustment bolt tightness, the structure of the pressure plate for coarse sieve ( 16 mesh ) as the substrate and the screen ( 100-200 mesh ) together with a special adhesive bonded steel frame ( angle ). In the upper and lower cones, and cyclone liners materials commonly adopted rejection of foreign desilter importers material which combines the performance characteristics of plastic and rubber, high strength ( hardness of 96 Shore or more ), a higher wear resistance, impact resistance and flexibility. Recently, a successful trial of one kind of foreign entire cast polycrystalline silicon carbide ( ceramic ) material of the cyclone cylinder liner, its abrasion resistance, high temperature performance are more than cool polyurethane material, the service life will be up to five years.

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