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Some Tips Given by Sand Pump Experts

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Sand pump can be used for construction pumping, large solid sediment pumping; ore pulp pumping and coal slurry pumping. So it is widely used in iron and steel plant, power station, coal plant and oil field in order to cleaning the sand-setting which sediment at the bottom of pools, rivers and lakes.

For the sand production line its core part is the sand suction pump. As a result choose a high cost-effect sand pump is very important. So, there are few sand pump experts tips will lead you to get the best one for you including the selection of the technological process and the requirements.

You need to have a general study of the manufactures of sand pump. You can search online to compare the scale of production of each manufacture. Then you must make sure whether the manufacture has a good reputation. Second choose the reasonable type according to the condition of your usage. Check the quality certification of the manufacture.

The liquid medium character which include the name of it, physical property, chemical property and so on. Then we need to know solid particle diameter and the content of the gas in the medium. This is because these properties indicate the lift, the effective cavitation allowance and the type of the sand pump system. Its chemical property mainly refers to chemical corrosive and toxic liquid medium which is also an important issue for us to refer.

Another important property for choosing the sand pump is its traffic which is directly related to the production capacity and transmission capacity of the plant. You may choose the sand pump which maximum traffic is 1.1 times than you need.

Consider the piping layout conditions which the height and the distance of the liquid sending.

The lift allowance must be enough which is about five to ten present of the total lift amount.

Consider the operation conditions for the sand pump such as the altitude, outer temperature, and the fixed type of sand pump.

After compared those sand pump experts tips above, the user also has to know the principle for a high quality sand pump.

The sand pump must meet the requirements of the standard medium character.

The machine must have a high reliability, low noise and small vibration quality.

You need have a comprehensive consideration of the cost of the sand pump, its running charge, maintenance fees and management cost. To make sure the production line has a high cost-efficiency.

Choose the sand pump which has these characters such as high running speed, small volume, high efficiency, simple structure, stable performance and easy to maintain. For some pump which used for solid particle pumping. It is better to know whether the convection component of the sand pump is consisting of the wear-resistant material.

With the sand pump experts tips and the principle of high quality sand pump, I’m sure you will find the most efficient sand pump!

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