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Some Mud Agitator Professionals Tips

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Cautions and general safety rules of operating on the mud agitator have been posted on the Internet by some companies. Here I select some of those mud agitator professionals tips.

Here comes a basic one but one that is easy to ignore. Do not perform any maintenance or service on the motor before disconnecting the power source, which would be very dangerous if electric shocks happen. Moreover, here it is that one of the rules tells us to only use the parts supplied by the original equipment manufacturers to replace the worn or damaged components. I think it is reasonable but common people would not know we need to do so if they do not read this reminder. Additionally, keep hands and clothing away from moving parts, otherwise the moving parts like wheels are possible to cut you or involve your clothes into the machine, which would make you serious injury.

Besides learning about some cautions on operating the machine, knowing some features of the mud agitators is also beneficial for us to more easily and expertly operate the machine.

The features of the mud agitator are as follows.

Additionally, it combines the reducer and explosion-proof electric machine. And the mud agitator professionals tips has large stirring intensity and wide impact scope. What is more, the electric machine of the mud agitator is placed in a horizontal way, which makes promised convenient installation, adjustment as well as replacement.

So how we can correctly select agitators? Here are some professional tips given. Choosing mud agitators needs us to consider three aspects, tank geometry, maximum anticipated mud density and power requirement. There are three aspects of factors considered in tank geometry, which are width, length and mud depth. And we need the statistics of specific mud weight and volume to calculate the maximum anticipated mud density. If the volume of the mud has no way to know, the density could be regarded as 20 pounds per gallon (lb/gal). For power requirement, things we need to think of are voltage and frequency.

After that, we need to calculate agitator size using the equation, V=L*W*MD*7.5. In this equation, V means volume in gallons, L means tank length in feet, W stands for tank width in feet and MD represents the maximum mud depth in feet. And then we need to select an impeller diameter using a professional table provided on the Internet or some journals. And then the Turnover Rate (TOR) needs to be calculated, the horsepower and gearbox required for 20 ppg drilling fluids need to be identified and finally the tank depth, which is from the top of the structure to the bottom of the tank, need to be measured out.

To greatly master the operation methods of the mud agitator, we need not only all aspects of information from professional tips but also to operate it in person.

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