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Some Items You Need to Know About How to Use Shear Pump

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The following procedures will show you how to use shear pump .

Low shear requirements

The filtration system would be employed to separate oil from water during the production process.

The system needs two pumps as portion of the second stage separation process, but it is pivotal for the separation unit to run properly that the pumps do not emulsify the oil and the water.

Ensuring that oil and water do not emulsify calls for a low shear pump. The specification of low shear pump is not an accurate science though and various companies specify their needs in various ways. Let’s take a closer a look at how to use shear pump.

Using a centrifugal pump

The low shear pumps have to operate at speeds below 1800 rpm (2 pole speed) and with a hydraulic efficiency of less than 70% and be manufactured from terrific duplex material.

Low shear equipment are usually served by progressive cavity pumps, but for the duty required for this equipment it would have needed a 3 meter long pump. This was not a choice within the limited space available in the separation unit.

We proposed an alternative solution adopting a compact centrifugal pump with a speed of 1450 rpm and a duty point efficiency of 66%. The use of a centrifugal pump also permitted a lower pressure to be sustained at high duty.

Working closely together

Although the pump did not reach the accurate specification, knowing our excellent reputation for supplying application that could meet the requirements of demanding equipment of the oil and gas industry, you can decide to order our solution.

So as to acquire the best performance from the shear pumps, we worked closely with you on designing the system, especially in adjusting the flow during recirculation.

We also would like to assist you in the commissioning of the shear pumps and in training the engineering staff.

Successful completion

Finally on completion, you may feel delighted to express that the performance of the shear pumps was well within desirable parameters, though not reaching the exact criteria.

Depending on the advantage of this successful application, a budget proposal has now been submitted by us for a similar application on a neighboring platform.

Developing new criteria

Given that we were able to satisfy the needs of this application employing a standard shear pump has also led us to study what the critical performance traits are for low shear applications. Obviously, distinctive manufacturers hydraulic design philosophy may lead to a better or potentially worse influence on shear performance than was otherwise realized. We are now in a stronger position to suggest companies when choosing shear pumps relied on this somewhat dated arbitrary criteria.

After this, you know how to use shear pump well.

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