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Some Information Desilter Importers Notes

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The perfusion liquid inlet pipe of the upper cylindrical of the imported desilter goes through a tangential inlet volute portion down into the cyclone, the drilling fluid between the solid and liquid phases in the presence of a density difference, and with the cyclone more than a small, drilling more with downward movement, angular velocity, the greater to gain, the greater radial acceleration ( greater acceleration down near the wall by the cone and by the end of the stream discharge port, While the density of the liquid phase at the inlet end of the formation of low pressure cyclone vortex, swirl the liquid downward movement will also produce extruded at the bottom of the cyclone and the reverse move from the overflow discharge port to return the circulatory system. Furthermore, the sieve permeability and large size barite fluids of imported desilters return circulation desilter importers , harmful solid phase on the sieve is excluded.

Installation and Use

Imported desilters design at the top with two rings, for shipment to install and use, import design 4 Φ160, clamps and two blind, two Φ159 short section for commutation and welding flange or elbow, down stab tube Such as the use, installation, visual scene, the desilter firmly installed in the proper position 1 # 2 # tank or tank, and then as needed outlet with 6 " pipe or hose firmly in the sand pump infusion connected, check whether there is an external device of imported desilters to damage or sink, the removal of the compression plate shaker, shaker motor power is turned on, the power to check the motor rotation direction and shaker work will all moving parts plus the amount of grease paint, start infusion pump, checking the pressure gauge is within the operating pressure range. If the pressure of desilter importers is too high, you can open the inlet valve overflow device at the buck. Check the Joints or without washout phenomenon, if washout, washout can tighten the screw parts of the card. Adjust the cyclone underflow nut to bottom discharge stream into an umbrella. When disabled, should first sand pump off, winter exhausted slurry pump, clean the screen, turn off the shaker motor power, check whether all parts of abnormalities.

In addition, the use of non- aggravated the drilling fluid of imported desilters can be adjusted, so that the screen as soon as possible exhaust the heavier mud, the lower the screen frame recover barite more to reduce the cost of the slurry.


In addition to the mud after use, should be thoroughly cleaned mesh prohibited by beating other hard objects shovel scraping brush the screen surface to ensure the life of the screen.

\The new generation of PT screen combine balance and progressive elliptical motion, allowing the operator to switch the movement “on the fly" as drilling conditions change. With a simple flip of the switch, PT screen's balanced elliptical motion shaker make oval gradual shift, without the need to suspend or shut down operations. The operator can change the type of movement needs to handle large -volume production machines or cuttings, drilling conditions determined. With  PT screen lost shaker changing to meet drilling conditions unproductive time is no longer a problem.

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