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Some Information About Repair Mud Agitator

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What cannot be avoided when we using the mud agitator is that from time to time, there are some troubles taking place on the machine. So besides the operation skills of the machine, we still need the common sense to deal with some original troublesome of relatively high frequency, in other words to repair mud agitator.

Different situation needs their different specific approaches.

If you find the motor cannot start, maybe it is due to the power problems, like low battery, or defective motor which is the machine itself problems, or wrong or bad heaters. As a matter of fact, different solutions match different causes. According to the various causes, when the motor cannot start, we can check the electrical supply, replace the motor and check heaters or starters to find and resolve the problems.

Similarly, we also can use the methodology to cope with other problems of the mud agitators. If the motor stops running, there are three possible reasons, which are starter tripped, burned out starter and over-amped. Naturally, after we work out the reasons, we put forward corresponding solutions. We can reset starters, check amp draw and replace agitator. Just take those solution step by step, which is a process of ruling out the malfunction and find out the real reason at last.

For a problem we mentioned above, tripped starter, here provide further analysis and more specific solution just on this problem. Tripped starter may be caused by bad heaters, over amped machine and undersized agitator. So let’s see the specific operation of the “reset starters” is to replace starters, check amp draw and replace agitator step by step.

When a big machine is working, it cannot be more normal that the machine produces noises. But for the mud agitator, do not regard the whining noise produced by it as a normal phenomenon. It is listed a troublesome. When it happens, check motor bearing first. If the bearing is wrong, just adjust it. If the bearing is right or it does not work after we adjust it, please replace the motor.

One of other kind of noise is named random noise from gearbox is caused by contamination in oil. The only way to make the noise disappear seems that we can drain and replace the oil, making the oil in the oil box clean.

As for the vibration of the machine, there are two possible reasons worked out after logical reasoning. They are assembly loose and broken weld (base to tank). It is simple to figure out the final solution that tighten all bolts and re-weld base to tank, respectively.

All mentioned above are the common troublesome as well as their solutions. To be honest, if we operate carefully and put our mind to maintain the machine in the daily life, there would be little troublesome happening.

So there are essentials to remember the methods of maintenance daily. Firstly, operate the equipment at proper time and in proper places. Secondly, do not overload the machine and run at the correct speed, which can effectively reduce the troublesome. Finally, maintain lubricant in good condition at the proper level.

If we do the maintenance and repair mud agitator correctly according to the instructions, the mud agitator would be used for a long time.

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